What is a Letter Day?

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Once a month I share a post on my Instagram and Facebook page, inviting friends to send me their address in exchange for a hand written note of encouragement. This invitation is open to anyone*, whether or not we’ve met in person.  

With the hopes of encouraging even more of you in your pursuit of Jesus, I’ve created an email version of my letters that is open to all-you can always opt in at the welcome screen! 

*I’ve decided that it’s best to keep the handwritten notes for girls only, but emails are open to all!

The purpose


Because who doesn’t like a hand written note? I’m constantly amazed at the endless opportunities to encourage and inspire other's lives with the simple tools of a pen, a page and a stamp.

-It’s a way to focus in on another person’s life instead of just my own.

-It’s a way to make a new friend from another part of the planet.

-It’s a way to connect the body of Christ in a real and tangible way.

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Join the Fun

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Go ahead and give it a try for yourself!

1. Post an invitation for friends to send you their address. (Be sure to use the tag #myletterday so I can see!)

2. Spend some time writing out letters. (Sure it will take more time than a text, but that’s just exactly why it impacts a little more.)

3. Invite your friends to write you back at the end of the note and maybe you’ll find a few new friends to stay in touch with.