Where do you belong?

There's one word that keeps coming to my mind, one theme of continuous learning right now, and it's the idea of really belonging. 

This word belong, I'm guessing that we all tend to like the sound of it. It's a concept that we all want for our own and would give up all we've got at times, just simply to say that we too belong.

It deals with our identity and who we're really meant to be. It deals with heart issues and sometimes even the scared parts of bent up lives.

It affects us at the very center of our being, this whole idea of belonging. So, let's go ahead and ask the question, what does it really mean to belong?

Why does the word bring a stir of desire and an ache for possession?

The meaning of the word runs along two parallel tracks, two different ways of looking at this grand idea of belonging. It means to have a close or intimate relationship, and doesn't the whole world want more of a relationship, more of that love and attention that we are all longing for? 

And then there's the second view on what it means to really, truly belong. The second look will show us that it also means to be a possession- to simply be someone's. 

We might wonder at that, and ask ourselves if that's something good, and something worth wanting after all? We might ask ourselves if we really do want to be a possession? 

And yet, all along isn't there this craving in each of us to know just exactly where we fit? To know we have a place and a space that's made just for us?

This idea of belonging means to be just exactly where you are meant to be, and in a world that's often gone crazy, doesn't every single beating heart just want to know where they're meant to be?

Doesn't every running, confused soul just want to know what they are really meant to do?

Don't we all ache deep down to simply know where we belong?

And yet, in order to belong you've got to accept that you are owned. You've got to accept not only the belonging, but also the idea of being another's possession.

There's one fact in all of this that will make a world of difference to what our belonging really means. Perhaps you've already asked the question, but let's spell it out right here in case you haven't- 

Who do you belong to?

After all, there has to be an owner to every thing that is marked "owned". There has to be a possessor that goes along with every possession. 

So, who? Who is it that you and I belong to? 

There is a God who desires to have you.

Yes, the same God who hung stars in the sky and formed each and every mountain peak. There's a God and He has a desire to have you and I.

He wants us to belong, not only amongst His acquaintances, but among those that are the very closest to Him.

Remember? To belong means a close and intimate relationship. That's what He's holding out to each and every one of us-this invitation for each and every weary heart to finally belong.

He gave everything that He could possibly give just to be able to offer the very greatest invitation. He spent and spilled His very own blood on a cross in order to reach you with His most important question, "Will you belong to me?"

How can any searching, human heart overlook the grandness of this offer? 

An offer from the Author of Life.

An offer from the only One who could ever redeem you, remake you, restore you and free you.

The only One who breaks every human chain and sets every prisoner free. 

The only one who loves you everlastingly.

The only One who never leaves.

The only one who is righteous, holy and perfect.

The only one who is deserving of worship wants you to be forever found in His closest presence.

And if that doesn't bring your heart low in a humble, holy adoration, then friend, I don't know what on earth ever will. 

And yet, there's this part of the belonging that you and I don't often take time to consider. It's like we're reaching up for all of the treasure without counting in the fact that there's a real cost. 

You see, you are truly His possession. A prized possession. And when a prized possession leaves it's rightful owner, there is a vast amount of trouble. When a a prized possession takes a look at the empty treasure of this world, it pains the One who paid such a high and costly price simply to call you His.

See, we like to make it light. We like to skip over what we're actually doing when we take a little break to fit in with the world.

But how in heaven's name do we ever turn our eyes away from perfect, eternal love? And when we take our eyes off of His holy perfection, what are we really trading it all in for? A cheap and deadly counterfeit.

A shadow of light in a world of dark, when Heaven's light has already been opened up to us. 

We're His. We're forever belonging to Him. We've got a place that's made especially just for us at the greatest table your eyes ever could dream up.

We've got more love flowing down and over us than any of us knows exactly what to do with. And don't let us kid ourselves on thinking one drop of it is deserved by us. 

Undeserved and Unreserved it all flows down on us.

Our hearts are fragile and our hearts are quick to turn away. But I ask you today, won't you look at the Master of your life and see once more the love in His eyes?

Don't go and trade in the only real reason for hope in your life, for a moment of the world's cheap and fleeting version of a treasure. 

You've got something eternal. You belong to a Forever King. Stay in your place of belonging.

"You are not your own, for you were  b o u g h t  with a price. 

So  g l o r i f y  God in your body."

- H E B R E W S  6 : 1 9 - 2 0 -