A thought on imperfections

It’s early and the rain splashes against windows while the world still seems to be asleep.

I can feel the urge rising, the desire to put something down in writing - perhaps it’s the weather?

Or perhaps more than likely, it’s the fact that it’s been awhile and when you have something that is so much a part of you and it’s been put on the back burner to be forgotten, odds are it will resurface before long.

Yet each time the desire resurfaces this has been the thought that follows - it’s all just too much work.

Between my best attempts to get out the door to work each day and my list of to-do’s (and want-to-do’s) that greet me on my return, there doesn’t seem to be a time to put together the cover photos or go through and edit for the fourth or fifth time in an attempt to submit something closer to perfection.

So here’s my thought this morning - it will have to be nothing at all or a simpler version.

I choose the later.

“But who will read the words if the details aren’t all taken care of?” My response - who cares.

In a world of sharing, perfecting and time given to perfect-image-creating, the pressure doesn’t ever seem to lift.

And here’s my invitation to you friend, go ahead and do it anyway.

Do it in the midst of all of your imperfections. Do it in the midst of all of the interruptions - the dog that needs to be let out, the coffee to be brewed for the household members, the child that needs your attention.

If the goal is to be perfect you had better quit living right here and now.

If the goal is to add beauty to the day and give glory to the Creator that formed you, than what is there to stop you from trying?

That idea that’s been swirling in your mind and the longing to try that has been rising within? You’ll never have the perfect moment.

Odds are your frosting won’t turn out quite right for the top of the cake that you baked for the new neighbor down the road.

Those words of encouragement that you stored up and felt led to give? You’ll be sure to trip over them and trample them with stutters and awkward-silence-fillers.

Bake the cake anyway. Truthfully - they won’t care a bit about the frosting.

If we wait until it can be done to perfection, we’ll never accomplish anything of purpose.

The God who formed you and woke you today - He knows your weaknesses. The greatest beauty? He works through you in the midst of those weaknesses.

So go ahead - give the cake, speak the words, share what you have. It will be the joy to someone’s day - yours at the very least.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • A brief thought shared

  • An inconsistent schedule (similar, perhaps to your own)

  • An attempt to always grow and inspire growth

  • An imperfect and loving friend

  • A simpler version