Why I don't get my own way

Why I don’t get my own way.png

If I had it my way there wouldn’t be any hurt in this world.

If I had it my way my heart wouldn’t ever break.

If I had it my way I’d never have to wrestle with a “no” to the prayer I prayed, and I’d never be caught in what might seem to be like some sort of endless, pointless wait for the answer to my request.

If it were up to me life would be happier, the road would be easier and life would hold quite a bit more of my own personal comfort.

Yet here we all sit with countless unfulfilled dreams that we’re all aching to step into. Here we sit with a mess of hurt welling up in our hearts as we watch a broken world spin around us. Here we sit with pain from others sharp words or bursts of anger - fresh wounds with little relief.

Here we sit, not getting our own way.

And why, we might ask? Why can’t things just work for good in the exact way that we see good to be?

It might be that our earthly eyesight isn’t able to see good in the way that it really ought to be.

If happiness was the very best promise of this life, then sure - things aren’t going right without a doubt.

If our comfort and bliss is the goal of our existence then we’ve been grossly led astray.

If our heart’s final end was nothing more than to look back on a strand of flawless days then yes, something’s gone wrong in every kind of way.

And yet, you and I were created for more than just a happy life.

Take a moment to look back and you’ll find that there is something grander on display throughout the pages of the story God is writing.

This grand old story is more about you knowing Him than about you never knowing any pain.

The ultimate goal was never meant to be your comfort and good health or the success of all your dreams. Your life was created and formed to know your Maker and He will always receive the most glory when our hearts have come to know Him well.

He will find every way possible to satisfy you in Himself. He will find every way to remind you of His love and grace. He will find every way to gather up more of His eternal glory within your life, and you will begin to find that this is the very greatest kind of joy.

You were formed with the goal of building an eternal relationship with your Heavenly Father. If you understand your great need for Him better because of a road of hurts, then He will allow those hurts with the promise of finding perfect healing in Him.

We’re meant for a relationship - the sort that brings the saving of our souls. We’re made to spend eternal days before the throne of a God who crafted every beating heart. We’re made to be human vessels of a living, all-powerful God.

You and I are made for more than getting our own way, because if our heart’s were never to break then we’d never know the beauty of a healing, restoring God.

If our requests were always granted with a quick and easy yes, we’d never know what it means to dig deep and discover greater treasures in the long and difficult wait. If we never felt a let down or walked through hurt and sorrow, we’d never feel the rays of comfort that come from a perfect Father.

You and I don’t always get our way in this life, because we’re led by our God who knows what’s on the other side of this life.

He knows the fulfillment of our hearts longings and cravings and He has placed each one of us on a road that will perfectly shape us through a broken world’s imperfections, that we might arrive on Heaven’s shores, perfectly prepared for what our hearts are about to taste.

It is His mercy and kindness that He doesn’t give us our own way, because a truly loving Father never gives into a selfish request, but always gives what is ultimately best.

His love for us is confirmed in those less than perfect moments.

His kindness is reaffirmed in the midst of every earthly struggles.

We are ultimately created to know the heart of our Father, and at times we see it best when things don’t go our own way.