The Challenge

So why does The Splendid Ordinary exist?
To remind each and every one of us, every single day that it's the knowing and the making Him known. It's the loving and the giving. It's the words and the tangible. It's the believing and the doing.

It's the heart of God combined together with the hands and feet of His Son. 

The Challenge
Together, let's catch a vision. A vision of Christ taking on human skin through you and me. A vision of death to self and the life of Jesus overflowing our hearts. A vision of giving away the love of a Savior to ordinary people in our very own, ordinary lives. 

Together, let's take on the challenge of loving intentionally right where we're at. Let's live in a state of looking up; up into the wide wonder of our Creator and telling the world what we see. Let's live the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel every single day. Let's take the leap of putting to death our own lives in order to embrace the life that He gives. Breath it in each day and breath it out on a world that's hungry for rescuing.

Together, let's bring the splendor of the gospel into our ordinary living. 

Are you ready to jump in, friend? Are you ready to let the gospel transform every aspect of your life? Are you ready to bring heaven down to earth in your little corner of ordinary?

Join Me
Let's do this living with vision and intentionality together.

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