Hey there, I'm Amanda.

I'm a simple, ordinary girl, but one day God busted through my average, make-it-through-the-day, normal sort of life and it hasn't been the same since. 

Sure, I'm still that simple, ordinary girl who sips coffee all day long and has a scatter-brained, dreamer mind, but my whole way of looking at life has been rocked to the core, and it all came about with two little words.

Vision & intentionality. 
They've become favorites of mine. Their favorites because I realized that if this whole grand and beautiful, hurting and striving world of ours could catch a vision for their living and love with intentionality, well, life here would be different. 

Now, I'm not talking about just any vision, and I'm not talking about just any kind of love either. I'm talking about the grand and glorious plan of a Creator that came and gave His life so that we could live. He didn't do that all for nothing, friends. He's got a plan for you and me and it's time we start living it. 

And the love? I'm talking about the love that lays down it's life for another. The love that sent Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, down here to die a criminal death in order that we might know true and beautiful freedom for all of eternity. That's the love that will change the world. 

When we catch that vision and let that beautiful, purifying love of Christ flow right through our lives, well, we might just bring the glory of God to every corner of this planet.

Ready to take the challenge? 

*Photo by Bethany Seibel