A Series on Singleness

One of the tensions in my soul as a writer is how to cover this topic that we call singleness. Every human heart with any big of experience can attest to the fact that it's vulnerable, and can leave you feeling a bit more transparent then you'd really like to be.

And yet, this topic includes a vast amount of souls that need a breath of fresh air, a reminder of what is true, and a bit of motivation to take the next step.

That's why I'm inventing every girl out there that might be labeled as "single" to join me in a 10-day journey of encouragement in the single life.

My prayer is that you'll come along and learn with and share in both the pain and the beauty of this season in life.

And to the girls who aren't single, maybe this series will bring a bit more understanding in how to build your friendships with those who are single.

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