Living with a broken heart

Our world tries to throw off the very thought of any brokenness being a part of us. We’d give our greatest effort to avoid any sort of contact with it's sharpest edges.

Freedom and beauty is found in its absence- or so we are told.

It’s like we’ve forgotten that we live in a twisted and confused world, that’s been clutched by an enemy that seeks to destroy.

It’s as if we’ve forgotten that there’s this awful epidemic of sin that’s out to destroy, and we think that somehow if we try hard enough we can somehow avoid any contact it could have with us.

But you see, when Jesus walked this world of dust He didn’t seem to avoid or try His best to be removed from the places that were rough. Instead He walked right straight into it.

He placed Himself in the center of all of our brokenness, in order to give our hearts the greatest form of healing.

So we can all make this choice to try to avoid the broken parts of life, but right here and now, I say that I’m choosing to live through this life with a broken heart.

The truth is, each person that has been covered in Christ’s blood and has been made whole again, is meant to live in the midst of this world’s brokenness in order to spread His healing to every sin-sick soul.

And every time you watch another’s pain, you’ll start to see how fast your heart can break again.

Not the sort of break that comes from separation from His perfect love, but rather a breaking up of you heart because you’ve begun to bear the holy weight of His perfect kind of love.

This love is something that’s outside of this world, and it will both break you and enable you to live the gospel call.

Your heart will break at the sight of another persons deepest pain.

Your heart will break when you open up your lives to be hurt by another persons mistakes.

Your heart will break when the cruelty of this world rips you to shreds, and you feel so incapable of fixing it all.

And yet, your willingness to live among the broken begins to break the gospel right into this world. Your willingness to be light within dark makes the world a different sort of place and it all begins to illuminate.

So from this day on I pray to stay within the tension of this holy, broken-hearted way of life for all my days.

It might come from opening up my home to a hurting desperate heart.

It might come from loving another who won’t ever give it back in return.

It could come in the form of a foster home, never knowing how long you have to show this tiny soul all of the love that you've got.

It could come from leaving behind a world of familiarity and accepting a life of absence from your very favorite things.

It might come in the form of being the sort of person that chooses to care when the rest of the world finds it easier to just go numb.

One thing is for sure, it's the pain-filled way. It's the others-focused way. It's the way that this world warns you not to walk.

And yet, it's the way that was paved for us by the greatest kind of Love, the way our Jesus walked.

To live in this tension is to live in the bravest way, and I ask you all today, will you not also claim a place among the broken-hearted, world-changers of this world?

To live broken and given is to live in a continual taste of heaven. So let yourself be fully given to the way of Jesus and you’ll find a purpose that runs deeper than any life that’s trying to escape all of this crazy world's pain.

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