What we all need to know the very most

There are a thousand things that are true and a thousand more that are not, and we'll spend every day of our life choosing which we will believe between the two. 

We have this sort of invitation waiting for us from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the second our eyes close again that night. 

This invitation is to believe something, and there isn't a single moment in your day that you aren't believing something.

Our minds just don't work that way, there isn't any empty space, whether it be the truth or a lie, we've all chosen to believe something today. 

If we don't make the effort to filter through what we're choosing to believe today, our minds will go on a sort of auto-pilot and believe me, it won't be of any help to you and me.

See, our default in our beliefs is usually far from right. AS human beings with hearts that are prone to wander, we always wander when we're not making a conscious choice.

So choose today.

Don't let it slip on by. 

Choose today which side you will fall on and make it your hearts ambition to engage in this task of believing.

Because though you hear a thousand lies each day, lets remember what is true for us today.

- Your debt has been paid, finished and satisfied. You're no longer among those who still owe, but now moved over to the crowd of those who have received this beautiful gift of everlasting life, and these are the words that light a flame inside of our lives.

- Your life is brand new, a clean start every day, because there's a whole ocean of grace that's now been made open to the heart that believes in Christ's finished worked.

- You're set free from shame, no more to be cast down, your heart is wiped clean and that means that there's nothing that an enemy can hold against you anymore.

- Your life has a plan, you're not hear for some lost purpose. You were crafted and designed with the purpose of glorifying Christ. There's a will for your life that goes deeper than you can imagine.

-Your hope is secure, not changing with different seasons. His promise of an eternal home in heaven will forever remain unshaken. Your end is already planned and your destiny made sure, so no matter what you face here on this earth, you've still got all of heaven waiting for you.

So, this is what's true, what our soul really needs to know, in the midst of a world that will try and lie to us about a thousand things.

Let's make the choice today to believe in what is right.

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