What really happens when you follow your heart

So, what if you know your identity, but you still feel far away from feeling like it’s real?

What if the facts all add up to some pretty nice thoughts, but at the deepest parts of your heart you’re really feeling something else?

Because the truth of it is, we can know an awful lot of stuff without it ever becoming a real part of us. All of those facts and truths have to find some sort of way to sink down into our hearts.

We’ve all got to find the way to really believe what we know in our heads is really true, or else shame and guilt of it all will eat away at you.

Let me lay this idea out for you.

From the moment we are born our feelings are leading the way.

They tell us what is safe and remind us of what we’ve experienced in the past, as we reach forward to take another step in life.

But every one of us will come to a point in our life and ask ourselves if these feelings, these voices from our own past, if that’s really who ought to be leading us down our road in life?

Because friend, when we come to that point where what we feel to be true and what we know to be true don’t quite collide, we’ve got to make the choice between the two and somehow pick a side.

Our hearts knows all of the past, all of the fears.
Our hearts somehow filters it all through to tell us what seems best to do, basing it all off a rocky swirl of emotions. It’s been hurt deep and scared from a bit of a broken past, it’s been led astray a thousand times by a world that pulls it to go its own way. It’s seen good days and bad days, and loves the whirl of a rollercoaster ride, and friend that’s just what you and I will get when we let our hearts take the first step.

Our hearts were deceived from the day we were born. Adam incident in the garden sealed the deal of a real broken world of sin.

Praise Jesus, Christ restored this world and all of it’s awful mess, through His great death on the cross, but friend, you’ll never have this truth as your reality if you don’t find another leader to walk you through life.

When our heart leads us we go by what we feel is right, and that’s just no way to really be alive, no solid ground for us to walk in life.

But when we put those feelings behind and choose to follow the facts, that’s when life begins to make sense. 

You and I have to choose to believe what is actually true, even though the feelings that we’ve put behind us can make an awful lot of noise from all of our past experience. 

You and I have to choose to trust in the very Words of Life, rather than letting our hearts take the lead.

Our feelings were never meant to be our guide, but rather to come in behind and transform to the truths that we’ve gone and chosen to believe.

The Word of Christ will never lie. Put your faith in the only One who was meant to hold the weight of your entire belief. 

* * * *

If this concept of identity is something you can relate to, then friend, I'd really love to hear from you. Go ahead and send me a note at amanda@thesplendidordinary.com

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