What exactly brings you peace?

I stepped into this brand new year with a few little word written deep into my heart.

You know how it goes, there are just those times when you can't even try to hide away the fact that God's speaking deep and clear to your own beating heart.

He's got a message for you and He wants it to be heard, and you just know that you'd better sit and here His every word.

Yes, that's about how it all started. And what were these words, what lesson needs to be learned? It's the art of lingering, the art of living at peace.

It's this lesson of lingering when there's another heart in front of you, whether they're speaking of their hurts or their joys, you're ready to hear what they really need to say. It's the lesson of lingering in silence when other voices need to be heard clearer and louder than your own.

It's the lesson that discloses the beauty of a heart that lingers long and deep in the presence of the only One who's deserving of our every single second, rather than only keeping busy with doing things for God. For it's a grand and glorious combination when a heart learns the order of listening and then doing, and the grand partnership that the two we're always meant to have.

It's the lesson of a heart that rests fully on the grace and strength of a love-filled, faithful God.

Yes, this is what my rapidly-beating, hurried-living kind of heart needs to learn.

That real peace is found in the beauty of Christ, not in the beauty that appears to only exist in another season of life that's further ahead and somehow never present.

And what's at the very core of a heart that's found at peace? What's the root of this grand ability to linger and be still?

There's really just a one word answer that's to be found by us all, and it's the simple little word- trust. 

Trust in something greater than yourself.

Because friend, when your trust is anchored in something solid, then your heart is fixed no matter the waves that toss you. When your trust relies on the Perfect, Faithful One, then your heart is made a steady ground, a place of infinite peace. Because this Perfect Faithful One will remain just that way through all of our final days, and that means that our lives are fixed in a sacred solace each and every day that we give up our hold and learn to trust.

Trust brings about peace, and with peace comes the ability for you and I to linger long in the arms of our Savior.

Sure, your life might just be falling apart in every earthly, worldly sense. Your heart might very well have been smashed into an entire heap of pieces at different seasons of life. The road you now walk might just be going another direction than what you designed for yourself and your left here wondering why you can't have what you want for just once in your life.

But when your entire life is placed in the arms of Christ, when you've given up on your own way and trusted in the One who brought all things to be, then your life has a guaranteed source of never-ending peace, because Christ is incapable of ever failing you. The Perfect One isn't even able to ever make a mistake.

Peace comes from a daily choice to trust.

A heart that has peace will be ready to be His hands and feet.
A heart that has peace won't be ruffled when things don't go your way.
A heart that has peace will be ready to leave behind all that's ever brought earthly joy to their heart, when called to live a different way.

Peace comes from a deep well of trust, and trust lies among the essential rocks to each of our lives of faith.

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