You have something worth giving

I know it just as well as you probably do-there's an overwhelming amount of need that covers every part of this world.

You probably want to do something about it just as badly as I do, and yet how often we try our best to shut it out of our heads. And why? Why do we try so hard to turn a blind eye to the needs that seem to be out to overwhelm us?

Well, I can really only answer this for myself, but maybe you can also relate. You see, when I think about the need I see my inadequacies all staring right back at me. I see my shortcomings and my lack of ability. I see my humanity and incapability, and it doesn't take all that long for it to completely paralyze me. 

But did anyone ever do any good by doing nothing instead?

If your life is redeemed and your heart is restored by the Love and Grace of a good God up above, then friend can I remind you, you have more than enough to give! 

You have life everlasting to share with the world. You have hope that's eternal, the kind that nothing can steal.

So why, do we fall for the lie that we don't have an amount that is worth it to give?

What if you and I did a switch and instead of seeing our lack of ability, we saw only our riches from eternity?

Dream a little with me- what would be the difference if every heart that believed in a Savior who redeems, took the tools that they have and turned them into a daily gift of love?

Sure, we might just be dirt poor at this very moment, but if we've been given the ability to speak, then why not go and use that to fill another person's desperate need for encouragement?

We might be trapped in by a family to care for, but don't we have a pen and paper and just a few  minutes to spare? Then why not turn it into the filler for another souls need, and write out a letter that speaks life into their broken world?

We might have the earthly resource and no time left in our day, except to right a check for the amount that's extra this month. Then send it off to someone who's coming up short and is in need of a little extra today.

And no matter what can't we always, always pray for another human being?

So, what's your greatest source of means today? Whatever it is go ahead and turn it into a tangible form of Christ's love.

Send an invite or make a gift. When you love much through word and deed, you'll find that love comes spilling right over you from the Source of Love Himself. 

Our live's are meant to be overflowing, but you and I have to start giving in order to open up those endless streams of heaven's grace.

If each of us gathered up our little amount of ability, and put it into a daily use, we might find that changing the world isn't so far out of our reach. If each of us lifted even our emptiest of hands up to a Father who loves to transform, can't we believe that He's going to enable us to give out His love?

Be a giver of life out of what you hold in your own hands right now-no matter how small. You hold the treasures of heaven inside of you and that gift of His life has the ability to take on a thousand different forms.

When we live a life that gives out His love in countless ways, we begin to see it running in deeper streams within us today. 

"My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth." 

{  1  J o h n  3 : 1 8  }

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