If you’re feeling a little lost in life

Have you ever felt lost in life? Maybe you've been going for awhile, just doing your very best to stick with the plan and get to the end. You think you've got it set in your head, just what will be ahead, and then life goes and takes a turn and you're left somewhere else instead.

You know, it doesn't take some great big catastrophe to knock us down off of our feet and remind us that we're little more than a frail human life.

No, sometimes all it takes is the reminder that we can't see what's coming ahead in the days that are yet un-lived.

You don't have to have an earth shattering event take place in your life, for you heart to suddenly flounder into what-if's and what-am-I-doing-here-in-life?

Sometimes all it takes is a moment's pause and a little reflection.

Chances are, if you're human than you know well how it feels to sense that you are lost.

You've come to crossroads that don't seem to come with any direction. You've come to seemingly blank spaces that don't seem to have any form of progression.

You've up and lost your way, without one bit of your own trying. You've simply come face to face with the fact that you are a limited human.

You're dealing with the reality that you don't have all the facts in life, and you're dealing with the idea that you're less than qualified to live out this life.

But friend can I remind you that there's a God up above who isn't ever capable of becoming lost.

Right now you're going back and forth on what you ought to do. Right now you're searching far and wide for whatever is the best choice. And friends did you know that there's a God up above who really does know it all?

He knows the options that you can't even see yet. He knows the end destination of every road that you could end up walking down, and He cares enough about you to never leave you in your lost and sorry state.

He's a God of direction and a God who has order, and He'll never leave you stuck to figure it out all on your own.

And yet friends, did you know that this God who loves to lead, can also see the value of a much needed wait.

He'll always lead you on, but He won't ever rush past the treasure gained through a little bit of a wait.

So, let your disorder and your confusion be organized into peace and submission, as you look up above to the only Perfect One.

Give yourself over to the One who knows the inner workings of your heart and is the only One capable of following a perfect plan.

Maybe the truth of it is that in all of those times that we've begun to feel lost, is when we're really the most found. Because there's nothing greater than coming to terms with the reality of your own inability.

Maybe the sooner we each come to grips with our great weakness, means the sooner we can reach our hands up to the sky for His unfailing wisdom.

So, to every lost and weary heart out there in this vast and beautiful world, hold on tight to the One who sees every moment. Hold on tight to the One who holds you the closest. Hold on tight to the One who goes before your every step. Hold on tight to the only One who was able to pay the ultimate price to set your life completely free.

When you don't know where on earth you're meant to go in life, place yourself right there in front of His light, and trust that in His time, He'll always lead you right. 

Soon you are going to find that the greatest lamp is His Word, and the greatest Light is now yours when you walk ever and only in the presence of your Lord. 

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