Because we all have our own list of distractions

I bet you know just what it's like, that feeling of trying to get something done and getting everything else done that wasn't meant to be done instead. You get a hundred distractions through the form of mental lists or screens lit up, and pretty soon you're caught wondering where the time's gone since it isn't showing up in the project you were meant to complete.

A world of distraction, that's where you and I live. A world that seems to make it easier to do everything you never intended to do and harder to to what you set out to accomplish. 

Distraction can take on just about any type of form. It can come as a need for constant communication or news, it can come in the form of keeping up a certain appearance, making sure you've got a top-notch reputation. These days it seems to come at us ten thousand times through the form of a lit up device.

We can even be distracted by our games or our hobbies, the things that were only meant for fun all along. 

You and I can be terribly quick to give away every ounce of precious time to something that will never even give a drop back to us.

Time is precious and comes with a limit for each of us. So why are we so eager and quick to spend it on the trivial?

If it can't possibly bring glory to our worthy and great God, then why do we have such a pull to give it our all? 

If it isn't capable of bringing about real community and creating gospel-love opportunities, then why do we invest so much of ourselves into it?

When it's all said and done, how much of your life will you hold in your hands once all that is earthly has been drained away from it? 

How much of our lives have we invested in what will last?

I am guilty of giving in to a thousand distractions from how I ought to live. I'm guilty of a thousand investments in the unneeded and unimportant. 

Cutting out distractions doesn't cut out all the joy. It's more like cutting out more space in life to fully enjoy your time. Cutting out all of those distractions cuts out enough space for a greater amounts of peace. 

There's something beautiful that happens after we learn to invest well. After we've given our all to what really matters most, we begin to receive in multiplied form. We gain greater treasures and deeper amounts of riches when we invest our time into those most-important things.

And just what is it that you and I gain when we put down the distractions and live fully invested? We gain back treasures such as the beauty of friendship gained, experiences fully enjoyed, and a life full to the brim of well-lived days. 

The truth of it is friends, you and I have been given a task to do, live well and live fully for a King who deserves glory. We're never going to get far in our goal if we spend all our time in trivial things. 

Invest well today, friends. You'll never regret the time you give to loving the lives around you.

We've all got a list of distractions, start by naming yours. Once you've named it, you'll sooner recognize it and you'll learn to turn away from it, because nothing that distracts from Christ is ever worth your time. 

"Is anything you're doing here adding up to anything that matters? 
And in the end, is what you've chosen ultimately about Christ and His kingdom?"
- A N N  V O S K A M P -

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