One of the greatest keys to building community

One of the greatest points of interest today, is our craving for community. You can find it just about anywhere- within the church or in a secular world, for the introvert as well as the extrovert. It's what we're after, and it's our main desire.

And friends, I'm caught up with it right along with the rest of the world. I love community. 
I love the breaking down of social barriers, and the ability to know another beating heart. I love the beauty of connection, and the detailed process of building friendship. I love the idea of breaking down the walls between each other's lives.

And as I contemplated through the absolute beauty of it all, my mind then went to another sort of wall.

A wall that we aren't as quick to try and break down. A wall that, as it stands, it keeps us more comfortable and our lives looking a little more beautiful, but what if that wall is keeping you and I from what is better? 

This wall that came to mind is the wall between ourselves and the open streams of conviction within our lives.

Now, maybe you're beginning to agree with me- that maybe this is a wall that we'd rather just go and leave.

But just as it is worth the discomfort to break down walls for the sake of community, so is it worth the discomfort to break down the walls for greater Christ-Intimacy.

This wall seems to just about build on it's own, with very little thought and effort given from us. 

It puts up barriers to us ever being in the wrong, and it gives a reassuring pat on the back to tell us that we're doing just fine. 

But this wall is what keeps you and I from really living free, this wall is one of the greatest deceptions in our lives.

If we want a greater transparency we've got to begin with greater amounts of searching within. If we wan't a greater amount of Christ's love in our life, we've got to free up the flow of His Spirit within our hearts.

So how do we keep ourselves from building this wall or letting it stand? How do we come with attack on the greatest obstacle in our path? 

We pray, and we seek, and we wrestle, and plead that God would do a work and begin to breakthrough. 
We ask, and invite for Him to come into our lives, not just that one time, but all through our days. 
We ask Him to search and we ask Him to pry. 
We ask Him to dig great deep wells within our lives. To leave no stone unturned, or no place that's left to hide.

It's raw and pain-filled, but it's pain with the greatest purpose. It's pain that will change you and cause you to grow. 

When you've reached a point where the sin is real in your life, you can turn with greater gratitude to the One who bore it all. You get another chance to claim the victory that's been purchased for your life. You can turn it all right over to the One who makes all things right.

And then, the greatest reward to your growing humility is when the heavenly grace does a miraculous thing and fills up each well that was dug within your heart.

Your ability to uproot your sin, is your invitation to be filled up again.

Don't miss this beautiful work that our God does for us. 

We will never enjoy the sweetest community until we learn to break down this wall first in our lives. 

When we know rightly of who we really are in Christ, we can live more freely with others in our lives.
When we are free of hiding sin and shame, we are more filled with grace to welcome others in. 
When we begin to overflow with our God's love and mercy within our hearts, we then begin to learn how to love another well.

If you and I feel as if we've reached the top today, and we don't feel the prick of conviction on any area of our lives, then we'd better be sure that this wall is standing strong. 

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