A letter to the friend with a stirring in their heart

Hey there Friend,

So here you are with your little bit of treasure. You were built with the ability, made specially to do something extraordinary. You feel that stirring in your heart to do just exactly what you know you were made to do. You feel that rumbling in your soul to take a step out and put your treasure to it's very greatest use.

I get it friend, because I'm right there with you. 

Right now maybe you're working a 9-5 that you wouldn't have wished for, or maybe you're stuck with no time to try out the things that you long to do.

You dream when you've got the space, but that's about the end all for you right now. 

Maybe you long to reach more people, to use it all for His good. You wonder why God hasn't given you a greater opportunity. 

Maybe you don't have much clarity at all. You just know that there might be something more than what you're living right here and now.

Maybe your a dreamer, with ideas that others say just can't become reality. Maybe you're a planner and you're just too afraid that you might make a mistake.

Well, no matter where you're at, who you are, or what you've got, can I clue you in on something grand today?

This God of the universe, this maker of stars, this Very Greatest Designer that you and I adore, He's the one who made you and He's the one who gave you the treasure that you hold tight in your hands.

The treasure of a beautiful talent.

Truth is, this talent has a far greater purpose than what your grandest dreams can come up with.

This talent was made and fashioned to be used for His Grand Story. The One that's all about rescuing souls and putting His glory on display. The One about a coming King who rescues His own and brings them to eternal glory.

That treasure that you're holding in your hand? It's meant to fit inside of this Story in some beautiful way.

But here is what you've got to remember-this God of the Galaxies and Maker of Beauty, He never really does things in the way that you and I would plan.

He asks you to simply surrender that treasure up into His grasp, and let Him use it in the place that it fits the very best.

Sometimes He asks you to wait until His perfect timing is here, and sometimes He asks you to take a leap that looks like it might just kill you. No matter what, He asks you to trust and obey.

So, to the hearts that have a stirring and a longing to use what they've got in a bigger grander way, remember that The very One who formed that longing will put it to it's very greatest use.

He's orchestrating something glorious by the perfect combination of willing vessels with their treasures held up in surrender to Him.

Learn to listen, learn to wait, but above all learn to be willing and obey.

And if you ever struggle with doubt that this God that you're living for really does have a desire to use you and your treasure, well, just go ahead and read these verses here below-

"And He has put in his heart the ability to teach, in him and Aholiab the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan. He has filled them with skill to do all manner of work of the engraver and the designer and the tapestry maker...-those who do every work and those who design artistic works. And Bezalel and Aholiab, and every gifted artisan in whom the Lord has put wisdom and understanding, to know how to do all manner of works for the service of the sanctuary, shall do according to all that the Lord has commanded."
{ E X O D U S  3 5 : 3 4 - 3 6 : 1 }

Chapter thirty six goes on to show the beauty that is accomplished when each person is doing just exactly what they were made to do with the treasure in their hands. 

This is the God that you and I serve, a God who doesn't forget the inner workings of our heart for even just a second. The God who patiently waits until it's the very best time. A God who wants to use you in the very best of ways.

Our task today is to listen. To listen for His grace in leading. To listen for His gentle words of Guidance.

So to my fellow friends with a stirring in their hearts and a treasure in their hands, I'm right there with you, in the midst of the times of confusion, and the prayers for instruction. With the aches that come with desiring more. 

Hold fast to The God who does it all,

In His grace,

P.S. If you relate to these words in any sort of way, I'd sure love to hear from you! Tell me a bit about the dreams He's placed in you. You can always send a note to amanda@thesplendidordinary.com

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