When we don't see the good

There's a list of things that we lack, but it would seem that near the top of that great list of lack would be the word consistency.

If you're in need of proof of this, just turn your pages to the book of Exodus. 

Exodus, the book that's packed full of demonstrations of our God's power, and yet the Israelites couldn't seem to make up their mind on whether or not this God who held everything in His hands, was bigger enough to see them safely through.

And how often do we find ourselves living just exactly how the Israelites did?
When things are good and fair with the world, we wake each morning to sing His praise. But then, at the very first signs of some sort of disaster, our hearts are stricken with fear and our world seems ready to fall to pieces.

You see, on the good days in life, you don't find yourself asking God why. You don't find yourself full of worry or anxiety. You don't find yourself questioning your purpose or you safety in this place. 

No, when all seems right with the world, you spend your time on other things. You're too busy living fully and giving life your all, to stop and question why everything is good. 

It's a whole lot easier for each of us to trust when we can see with our human eye that all is going well.

But listen to me friends, does our God ever really change?

I hope you know enough to answer that with a definite no. 

You see, He isn't one bit like you and me. No, He doesn't lack one ounce of consistency, in fact, He doesn't lack at all. 

This great God above, who holds all together in the good, still holds all together when the visible sings of good aren't there for you and I to see anymore.

When you're struggling with the doubts and the fear comes rolling in; when the future looks to be bare and the questions are piling high, remember friends, The Master up above hasn't ever changed from being good.

Yes it's true, the world you live in is going to turn upside down on you a few times in this life. What you thought to be right might turn out to be wrong, and the ground you're standing on might feel like it's pulled out from underneath, but understand me when I say that these physical disasters or visible signs of chaos, have positively no affect on the God who watches over us. 

You and I were never guaranteed an easy way of life. We never got the promise that all would always seem to appear right and good. But you and I have been told in countless ways that we would always be led through. You and I have always, always been told that all things would work together for good in the end. 

Yes, not every chapter may give the appearance of good. But our Master is a redeemer and that's the hope that we hold on to in this world. 

The same God that was good in the easy times of life, is the same God that will always be good in the darkest nights of life. 

Don't let this crazy world, ever pull your gaze away. Don't walk through life like the Israelites, always questioning and doubting, even after His power was clearly displayed. 

Yes, we lack consistency, but it can yet be ours, if we allow the never-changing One to come and dwell in us. 

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