When living different really makes you free

Everyone around you today is looking for freedom in some sort of way.

They're looking for liberty, a chase for no boundaries. They're desperate to be free of anything that's oppressive.

As sons and daughters of the One true King, you and I posses within ourselves just exactly what this crazy world is desperate for. But have you ever noticed how the freedom we have full access to, begins to look like bondage to some. In fact, maybe somedays it even looks that way to us.
So, how has he done it? How has this crazy enemy of ours gone and found a way to turn the very sweetest thing in the life of a believer, to look like some form of chains?

Why are we so crazy to be free...of our very own freedom. 

We'd better ask ourselves, what exactly is our idea of freedom, and will it bring us what we're wishing for?

Freedom is to do whatever you wish. Without restraint. No need to ever hold back. Living without care. Isn't this right?

Yes, that might sound like freedom to you. But is it freedom to the twisted man down the street who's built up an ugly looking record from all the times he did whatever it is that he wanted?

It might be freedom to you, to do whatever you choose, but is it freedom to the rest of the world when one human life chooses to end another's?

Every one of us ought to see that this way of thinking brings anything but freedom in a twisted ugly world.

(Photo by Bethany Seibel)

See, freedom means to be without bondage, to feel true liberation. And true liberation is found when every past debt, every ungrateful, sinful act has been erased from your past. True freedom is when a human heart that was once controlled by the enemies way of thinking, has come under the power of an altogether perfect God.

If you're amongst the one's who are yet in search of their saving liberation, can I speak to your hurting, broken heart and tell you that your freedom is only found in one Source. Your striving to do it your way and live out your best choices will only take you deeper in to darker pits, because there is an enemy, and his greatest ally is often your own human heart.

If you're amongst the beloved saints of God, can I speak to your restless, wondering heart? This desire to prove to the world that you are free to live like them even with your perfect God, it's only going to lead you into a greater amount of pain.

Yes, freedom can sometimes mean that you have to say no. No to the bad, the wrong, the ugly. But those no's, will eventually pave the way to greater depths of joy; that's a guaranteed fact.

Don't be among those who traded in the beautiful pearl of freedom just to try and hold tight to it while grabbing the worlds counterfeit along with it. 

You're freedom in Christ will make you different. But you freedom in Christ is greater than every worldly treasure you've ever chased after.

*Necklace pictured above can be found at Lovishly - an organization that works hard to liberate those in physical and spiritual bondage.

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