When I learned not to care

I remember back to the days when I was the one who used to care.

This word caring is usually linked with something that is a little more positive, but it all comes down to what it is you’re caring about.

We should seek to care, by all means. Don’t ever let caring break away from your being. But take careful watch over what it is that your heart begins to really care about.

You see, I remember back to a time when I cared so much about certain things that it downright stopped up the work that I was meant to do in life.

My caring became like a great big obstacle in the way my life was meant to flow, and it began to keep me from doing what this heart and soul was placed here on earth to do.

I cared about things like what the others would think. I cared about things like what if I looked downright stupid. I cared about things like, was this the normal way to do it?

In fact, I got myself to the crazy point of caring more about these things than anything else in life. And friends, I still to this very day, can catch myself caring more than a little too much.

This sort of caring won’t lead you into any good, because friends, this sort of caring will hinder the work of God.

The chances of this great and awesome God -who sees far above the galaxies- asking you to do something that makes sense in your small and limited mind, is rarer than we could ever believe.

You see, His ways are bigger-grander than we could ever come to see.

And that’s why caring about what another small and limited human being will think of us today, is something to simply let ourselves free of.

As this old sort of caring started to fade away from view, something sort of breathtakingly beautiful started to transform inside of me.

See, once I let go of the old way of caring, it then made room for the right sort of caring to come and break through, right into my life. 

I learned slow and sure, that it didn’t matter what these people around me really did think of me, as long as they were brought to think of Him instead.

I learned that it didn’t matter if what I was doing would be viewed as normal by other searching and confused hearts, as long as what I was doing was just exactly what He said that I was meant to be doing.

Soon I found out what it really meant to care a little more about another person’s eternal destiny, then what they would ever begin to think of me.

I found that it really didn’t matter what they thought of the words that I would write, no instead, I began to get a test of what it meant to care just enough to write to them the gospel truth.

And you know, this old sort of caring? Well, it didn’t simply up and die away from my life. No it’s still there, fighting hard to have it’s own way. But every single day that I wake, I have another opportunity to tell it to leave. I have a thousand chances to choose a better way, and friend-so do you.
The question we each face today is, will we choose this better way?

Will you let your old way of caring slip away from you?

Will you let another caring come and take over you?

It’s a greater way, a freer way, and the way that you and I were meant to be.

When you’re free from caring about what others think, your free to go and speak into a life that you’ve been given a burden for.
When you’re free of caring about what others would think, your free to do the radical, crazy things that you might be called to do. 
When you’re free of what others think, your free to write down the words that another soul is desperate to hear.

Let yourself care enough to speak what needs to be said, and love the way your very own heart was meant to love.

This is how you live free. Free enough to be used by a God who knows best how to care.

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