To become someone with depth

Let's pretend I had anything in the world that I could give you today. There would be a number of things that I would choose, but one of the very top things on my list that I'd like to give to you is the aching desire to be a human being filled with content. 

And no, that might not be something that ranks high on many lists, and you might just be wondering what it is that I'm even saying to you.

So here, let me explain what this whole idea of possessing content really means to me and why it holds such a high ranking on my list of valuable treasures.

To seek to be a person of content means to seek more wisdom than what you've got at this very moment. 
It means to open up the streams of Living Water from above and let it rush within your very own soul. 

It's a person who's traded in this earthly, every day living, and has allowed themselves to become more than just a human heart that beats and a life that only breaths. 

Something other-worldly begins to take place in you when you begin to do the work of deeper digging. 

Giving your life over to the God of this great universe is the most transformational step you'll ever take-raising you from death to life. But don't go and let the flow of grace stop from taking you all the way. 

We're surrounded by a world of filters and accessibility, and sometimes it can be downright crippling.

These filters-they make sure we're all lumped together in the same group as every other person that exists here in this world. Too afraid to be different, we follow along with the trends, not wanting to speak our minds when really that's the reason we've all been sent. 

We're sent to turn this world upside down with the Voice of another realm. But that Voice begins to be silenced with every choice you make to slide right into the crowd.

We've got all of this accessibility which can add a wealth of good, but if we're not careful with it, we'll soon begin to glide right through the most important work of life, rather than letting it help us go deeper in. 

We've got those three minute devotions for the fast and upbeat life. We've got one that's geared right towards our interest so that we don't have to suffer boredom during this time.

But maybe if we'd look a little deeper in, we'd find enough of this transforming grace to make us more like Him. We could even unlock the beauty of heaven, right here in our very own earthly lives. 

So friends, why don't we all make this our pursuit, to contain within ourselves more of Jesus then what this world knows what to do with.

If you feel you've hit a wall or that you're running emptier than you ought, don't just overlook it-go on and dig in deep.

Our hearts can contain so much more. Our souls will thrive with an even deeper life. 

The realm of knowing Christ is spread out before us like a deep and vast ocean, how silly we'd be to only dip the very tips of our feet. 

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