Living in light of the very Greatest Day

This past week has opened my eyes in greater ways to how brief a life we live here on this earth.

Eternity is where our hearts must be-it is our our truest reality. 

How many of our choices are wrapped up in the things here of this world? How many of our pursuits will be left behind when it all comes down to our final day?

You and I, we're made for another realm. We've got a place tucked away for us in our eternal dwelling place, and yet here we strive and try to get our best and make something of ourselves while we're racing through this space of time.

Friends, we're meant for something more.

There's more than just what our earthly eyes can see, and that's what brings the purpose to all of our living and breathing here below.

Advancing Another's cause. That's what it's all about. 

Not striving to make yourself great. Not chasing something that might bring a fragment of joy. Not pursuing all the pleasure that this life can possibly afford you.

It's all meant to be about so much more.

We've got a King who created us. We've got a King who gave all to make a way of rescue for each one of us. We've got a King who desires to spend our truest life, past our final earthly day, with us for all eternity.

We've got Words that need to be shared. We've got love that needs pouring out. We've got grace to impart and hearts to reach to. We've got ears in need of hearing and souls in need of His air to breath.

Don't let your life slide right on by, without taking one step forward in the life you were intended to live.

He has a purpose to every single one of your numbered days. Give them over to Him, in your greatest attempt to live them well.

This life is about growing, changing and beginning to look more like Christ.

This life is about reaching and sharing and loving every broken human heart.

This life is about sanctification, and real heart transformation, and longing for that beautiful realm of heaven.

He does the work in you. You only must bring the willing heart for Him to use. 

Make this your mission from this day forward. He will complete the work that He's begun in you, until your very last earthly day.

"Because His Word is guaranteed by His shed blood, and His blood is guaranteed by the holiness and goodness of the God who will wipe away every tear and welcome us into His presence on the day of His coming, we have assurance that we will not only make it home, we will arrive ready and complete." -Ruth Chou Simons***

Allow Him today, to begin to make you ready and complete for the very greatest day your heart can imagine-seeing your Savior face to face. Live in light of that day. 

***{Quote and photos taken from the book Gracelaced by Ruth Chou Simons. An inspiring read and a book full of beauty. You can purchase this for half price ($14.99!!) on Amazon right now. Also, any online purchase qualifies you for all of the pre-buy gifts as well! Simply register your purchase here and wait for your package. 
Note: This book releases September 1st. I've received an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.}


  1. Thank you, Amanda. Grateful for your words and this post.