Linger longer, worry less

In the past few weeks I've been able to have face to face conversations with a vast amount of friends coming from different backgrounds and a various life situations.

Each time our conversations seem to flow in the same sort of theme. 

I can't help but notice that deep within our hearts lies much of the same type of pursuits and passions. 

We long to know where it is that we are supposed to go. We're hoping we can get it all right, rather than turning this life into some great, big mess.
We want a clear view of the road up ahead, and we want it bad.

The more that I searched my own heart and the more I talked it over with another, I started to wonder if it's more than just making a request up to God.

Yes, He loves to give wisdom, but is there more for us to do rather than just to ask?

I find in my own life how often I tend to send up the request and then rush on to the next, forgetting to wait and listen for a response. 

I find myself disappointed and confused when the road is still covered in a blurred view, and yet how close did I listen for the next set of directions?

We're fast paced and in a frenzy, but our good God is not.

He wants to develop the relationship that you've got. He wants us to press in and listen to the beating of His heart. He want's you on every step of the journey and not just at the end.

At times, you may gain more from the process than you'll gain from the answer.

If you and I go through a continues cycle of asking and forgetting to wait and receive, then we'll be left with the delusional thinking that there isn't a reason to ever again make the plea. 

We'll begin to rely upon our own human selves, and slowly decline in our spiritual lives. 

By now you can see that this is far from a small matter. The waiting and hearing is meant to be key to your hearts deepest longing.

We've all got to learn to just stop and linger. Linger longer in the presence of you Savior, for by lingering you will know Him in deeper and greater measures. It's then when you begin to know Him, that the foundation of trust begins to grow strong and then as you trust you learn to obey. 

The walk of obedience will never happen another way. 

If you desire to make His name great then first learn to linger and listen to His voice. 

No step can be skipped, or the answer will always be missed. 

Linger and know Him, then trust and obey Him.

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