It's time to give your all

Paul understood it to be the only way to live out Christianity.

Timothy saw it as something worth following after.

Peter welcomed it as a result of the transformed way of life.

James claimed it as his very own identity.

And what is it, you might ask, that tied all of these legends of the faith together in some common bond? I'll tell you.

It was the way of a bondservant.
To claim this way of life, is to give up every other pursuit. It's a surrender of the greatest kind. A giving up of your entire life. 

You can't follow after your wants after binding yourself eternally with Christ. You can't chase after your own pursuit, while giving His call your all. 

{ B O N D S E R V A N T }

One who gives himself up to another's will.
Those whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing his cause among men.
Devoted to another to the disregard of one's own interest.

The truth of it all is that this isn't some sort of elite type of christianity. It's not made for just the Paul's and the Peters of our present day. This way of living is meant to be owned by every child of God's that is living and breathing on earth.

We're meant for more than what we've got here in our hands. We're meant for a deeper way of living out this life.

We're going to have to give up everything, and yet everything is to be gained when we give every part of ourselves to His endless call.

Our earthly pursuits and daily agendas- they'll all be turned to nothing if Christ's cause hasn't reclaimed them.

His cause is to build a Kingdom. A Kingdom that won't ever come to any end. It's eternal, and that's something worth giving your all for.

This bondservant way of living was claimed by a few. They saw it as their very identity.

Will we identify with those few, and claim to be given to His way alone?

We can spend all our days in a tireless pursuit of earthly enjoyment and worldly applause. Or, we can give up our greatest efforts, and let Him begin to use these weak little lives for something of true worth.

He gave up everything He could possibly give to call you His own, will you then hold back from the One who loves you to the very greatest length?

Have you forgotten? You were bought at a price. You're life was created to glorify Christ. Don't let lesser lights deceive you. Don't let temporary treasures deter you. 

Bind yourself to the One who loved you enough to pursue you. Give yourself completely to the One who formed you entirely.


  1. I am so glad to be reconnected with your blog! You are a beautifully talented writer!! Praise the Lord you are speaking into other's lives through this ministry!! Thats right, God's ministry through you, ahhh so awesome!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Brooke! Grateful for you!!