You are what you love

They say that your identity is the fact of being who you really are. At the core of your very heart, it's your truest self.

So, who are you really, underneath all of those layers?

We each have our passions, and preferences. We've got things that we like and things that we hate, and somehow they all can find their way into what we are known by.

What makes up the different aspects of you as an individual, living, breathing, human being? And what is it that is most known by others about you?

The great truth of it all is, when it's all said and done, you will be most known by whether or not you've really begun to live fully alive. 

For all of your eternal days, you will be known by whether or not you've been rescued by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ, or if you've gone and called it all a lie all of your life.

We've all got a whole heaping lot of passions and desires, gifts and things that we appreciate, but what's most true about you is if you've been brought back to eternal life.

Your identity is what will save you, on that final judgment day. Your identity is what will set you apart, from those who chose another way. Your identity is what will go and set you free for all of your days. 

What if the most known fact about your life was that you are forever and eternally His?

"You are what you love, and you are what you want. 
Do you  M O S T  want the One who loved you to death and then back to life again?" 
{ Ann Voskamp }

You will be known for the things that you invest the most in. The amount of time that you devote to something has a way of increasing it's size in your life. You will become the things that you love whether you try for it or not. So what will it be? What will you choose to love the very most?

Will it be something of eternal worth, or will you spend all of your days loving a passing vapor instead?

When the clock winds down, and your final day has been reached, will you be able to take with you the very thing that you loved best in life?

This life is a gloriously, beautiful gift, and you'd do well to treasure each element that it gives. But don't let your heart become captive to something that will someday come to an end.

Your gifts, your talents, your dislikes and preferences-they'll all fade away fast. The only way to give them all a greater amount of significance is if they are used instead to show a greater love.

Don't let yourself be known for something that is of little weight. Instead, let it be known that you've begun to follow Christ. 

May this love that we have for Him, overshadow every lesser love. May it be the driving force behind our every, ordinary day. May the whole world know with every step that we take, that we are forever in love with Him.

You, dear friend, are meant to be in Christ. This single fact about you is your truest identity.

Live as if this matters most. Devote yourself fully to it. Give your best efforts and time to it. Make it the most known thing about you, because in the end you'll see, it's the very thing that will make the difference for all of eternity.

Today is a chance to give yourself to loving Him best. How you live your life defines the amount of value that you place on Christ.

Living fully given is never a one time decision. It's a steady row of days lived faithfully that makes it your reality.

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