If you've ever felt in need of happiness

I hear the steady hum of it from the world that dances all around me, surrounding me with their idea of where I can find my own fulfillment.

In a grand wide world, with a vast amount of cultures, it would seem that this one single way of life is one of the few things that are universal-breaking through boarders and keeping a steady familiarity no matter where in the world you go.

It’s the continues pull to a life that pleases myself.

Isn’t that what the world tells us that this whole, crazy life is all about?

If something doesn’t make you happy, then let it go without a backwards turn. If a person’s left you broken down and disappointed, go ahead and take a few steps away, maybe even go all the way and leave them cold. After all, we’re all just looking for a little space of happiness in this busted-up world.

Maybe if we all find just the right hobby, or accomplish the right degree we’ll unlock the right door into the elusive path that lead us to blissful living.

We’ve heard the message loud and clear; that when we’re doing what pleases us, then and only then will we hold on to happiness.

We’ve been told that we all just need to dig deep and do what we are meant to do, but do we even know just what it is that we are really meant to do?

In all of this searching for self-fulfillment, are we so quick to tag along to the world’s ideas of how to live a life? And yet, the Word of Truth tells us each of a very different way of life.

I remember it clear, city streets and the cold air whipping around me. I’d just had my first chance to share a bit of Gospel Truth with a stranger along the way.

Hands shaking, and voice cracking, and yet somehow the words started to tumble out. Awkwardly at first, then gaining a fragment of confidence.

When it was all over, I felt the mixture of the emotions, both of them swelling up inside of me simultaneously. First came thoughts of trembling fear, as the mess of it all was made clear to my weak and stuttering self. But then through the tumbled up emotions inside, came the quiet voice and I knew it was true from the moment I heard it.

This is what I was meant to do. And then the flood of heaven's joy poured down, overtaking this fragile, human soul.

Because the fact of it all is that the real way to buy happiness, isn’t like the world will try to tell you.

It’s not ever going to be found in your selfish desires met. It’s never going to be found in your chase for greatness. If that’s all you’ve tasted as of yet, then you’ve got one of the best gifts of this life yet to unwrap.

You see, if happiness could be bottled and put on shelves, the cost it would take to transfer it to your possession, is a whole lot of giving. It will take all of the I Wants, or My Ways that we've got, or maybe a great big pack of our precious selfish-ambition.

When you give of yourself, you’re going to receive the most. Not in earthly measures, or personal gain, but the arm loads of His grace will rush through your veins.

The world only knows of this one sort of joy. It’s the deluded, dismantled, crushed up and dived by a million kind. It comes with a rush and then leaves you bone dry.

Your greatest success is always going to be found when you become less, and the perfection of Christ becomes greater within you.

I write these words, and yeah, I know they're all true, every one of them, and yet here I am still finding myself in the awful mess of fighting for my own rights, or selfish desires.

Friends, it is true. The glorious freedom that we all are so broken-down hungry for, is found when we peel back our hold on our own selfish gain, and instead give someone else the right of way.

Isn’t that what our Master taught us all while He walked this sin-sick earth? Didn’t He live the greatest life of giving that this hollowed out world had ever beheld?

Don’t wait for the greater moments. Don’t wait until it’s more comfortable. Don't wait till there's sure to be an applause. Give yourself away to a desperately dying world every single day that your lungs breath in the air of this life.

Give yourself when you’ve got to go pick up the couple of things at the store. Give yourself when the kids are asking you for more. Give yourself when you’re feeling the pull for you. Give yourself when it’s the last thing that you want to do.

And if it’s His kind of giving and you’re in tune to His grace-if the goodness of a Saving Father has taken up residence in that space in you heart- you’ll never, not once, ever have to worry about running out of love to be given. It’s coming in endless supply.

Remember that women, who’s last possession was that old jar of oil and a few crushed grains of wheat? Well, just like that jar of oil never hit empty, never will the love and grace of your God ever run out.

So go out and give and taste the sweet beauty of a life filled with happiness-a happiness that this world has never even tasted.

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