When you've got to fight daily

There are days when it seems to be a battle to simply keep the focus. You can have your eyes set on the Master, you can have your heart fixed on what is true, and yet a thousand times you feel the pull to look, instead to doubt.

The enemy tries his best to deceive you, sending little lies to run right through your mind. He tries to make the fears appear greater than the source of safety you are leaning heavily upon.

Suddenly in a moment, you might find your heart beginning to doubt His love.

In nothing more than a few minutes of distracted thought, your mind can begin to distort His character.

These facts and observations must never convince you and I to give up hope. No, we must know the intensity of the battle that we are fighting in. We must respond by waging war upon the lies that try to pull down our gaze from the source of all that is beautiful and true.

We must not lay down our weapons in the midst of our fight to live our lives unto Christ.

When suddenly you begin to doubt what on earth you're doing in life, remind your soul that every ounce of your purpose is hidden in the majesty of a God who created you for even these simple tasks. It is He who has begun a good work in you, and He will be the one to bring it to completion. 

When you begin to doubt the truths you knew so well just a mere moment ago, speak what is true and choose within your souls to depend your life upon it, regardless of the feelings that wave right through your heart.

When you begin to doubt the forever unchanging character of your God, trust in His unfailing Word and know that He sees the eternal, He sees the end story, and He does everything perfectly.

Don't fall for those moments of doubt and let them dance around in the corners of your mind.

We keep the focus by deliberately choosing to fix our eyes, no matter what sort of lies try to crowd out what's right.

Choose to be one who walks in the light of His unfailing Word. Choose to be one who will never begin to quit when the battles against our souls seem to rage a terrible war.

He's given us all that is necessary to fight for victory. May we seek today, to stand with our weapons, ready to take on each attack that begins in our minds.

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