Walking in grace on unexpected roads

When I was a girl, I'd dream up the ultimate life. That's what we tend to do, right? Picture it in our mind and then spend our whole life trying to make it our reality.

And yet so many times we chase without ever holding in our possesion the life of our childhood dreams.

It could be for any number of reasons. Maybe you've grown up to find that life is a little more complicated than the simplistic view from your childhood days, or maybe events beyond your control have gone and taken over control of the ten year plan that you were in the midst of working through.

Or, maybe we could all find that the greatest dreams come true, when we open up our hands and lay our hearts bare before the One who crafts the galaxies and spins this earth in a perfect, perpetual orbit. 

If life's gone and taken you on a different turn, perhaps it's not so much about being realistic about the tragedy's of life, and maybe it's more about trading in for a better way of life.

Sure, you've probably figured that things don't go to plan. You've dealt with some heartache, some let-downs and some destruction thrown in there too.

But did you know that there's someone ruling over all of this chaos, and He's got it all spinning right according to His higher plans?

In all of our wildest dreams, we would never have imagined the painful chapters in our lives stories. We'd never choose the unexpected, life-shattering news, or what seems to be a continual stream of one disappointment after the next.

But go ahead and look at it from the flip side with me.

After all, this would also have to mean that we'd never have chosen those beautiful moments when it was just us and Jesus, walking through the hurt of it all.

We'd never have chosen the sweetest communion that can only be known when you've gone and hit rock bottom. 

You and I would have gone and missed out on the art of learning to live looking up right into His beautiful face, when the pain seems to surround us on every side.

We wouldn't have chosen the lessons that we've learned of seeking Him first above all of this world. We'd never have taken the road that leads into greater depths of His eternal love, and floods of joy in the midst of the dark.

Maybe it's time that we stop trying to choose what seems to be best, and let it all just rest in all-knowing arms of grace.

The fact of it is, you and I have limited minds, and His method of planning a life is perfectly limitless. He's not bound by any restraints or limited to any of our human ways.

Sure, go on and dream of what you can't possibly see coming, go on and let your heart imagine what He could do with the beauty He's created in you. But let it all fall at the feet of the One who gave up His all to give your human life it's every breath. He won't waste the beauty He's placed inside of your heart. 

Sometimes we're so busy seeking the great that we up and miss the very grandest of all. This life was never meant for seeking another's approval, a life of adventure or the applause of the masses. This life was meant to be lived instead, right there on the alter of sacrifice.

It's meant to be lived by giving up each and every breath to the praise of the One who gave all for us. It's meant to be lived by exchanging our human weakness for His greater strength. It's meant to be lived by laying down our lack to find His eternal enough.

It's meant to be lived by laying down our smaller views of life for His grander perspective.

The grandest of all truths is that His nature will never change. Our greatest adventure in life is learning the unchanging rhythm of His heart for this world.

If you're going to pursue anything, than go ahead and pursue that. Learn the steady beat of His heart. 

Learn it's pattern and study it's sound, and soon you'll find that you're heart is beginning to beat to the rhythm of the Eternal plan that He set in motion from the very beginning.

That's when you know what to do and you understand where you're going-when you've memorized the pattern of His beating heart. 

It will never alter, and never change. You can spend your whole life in a pursuit of getting familiar with it. And that's how it all will fall together in a perfect plan. 

Not at all by human standard, but just exactly how how He designed it to be.

He's weaving together a beautiful story, in the short time that you and I have here on earth. Don't waste it all away by wishing it all was different, instead, learn to embrace the greatness of His grace and the beauty of Heaven that's hidden around each of us.

Give yourself, above all, to the study of the rhythmic beating of your Savior's heart, instead of the pursuit of what the world tells you will satisfy. That's when we all find that our only source of satisfying our empty hearts is found in the beauty of His love beating within each of our hearts.

There's a whole group of us seeking to live a life that's given to the One who gave it all. 
We'd love to have you join us. 

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