The tension of a tragically, beautiful world

I've been wanting to do a count of all the miles I've traveled in only a few short days.

I'm thinking the numbers would add up to something quite high, but no matter what they amount to, they'll never compare to the vast amount of emotions, joys and sorrows that this heart has covered in a mere couple of days.

From sitting by your friend's side while her dad lies sick with cancer, to sharing beautiful moments of truth with a small band of Christ-followers, to holding those who've just laid a loved one to his final rest, to celebrating the exquisite beauty of a dear friends wedding day.
There are painfully tragic moments all weaved together with the gloriously beautiful moments in this great span of time that we each call our lives. 

And this is the tension we rest in here on earth, while waiting for a perfect eternity. 

We're all caught up in the midst of awful pain and breath-taking beauty. 

We're forever wondering how we can be holding on to both in one single heart. How it's possible to one day grieve a loss, and the next day dance with joy at another's celebration.

We'll forever face the tragic whether or not we're okay with facing it. But tragic can become a thing of beauty too, when we go and lift our eyes up, right there in the midst of it. 

It can become a window to the very truest beauty of all-the beauty of seeing His hand working amidst it all, bringing it all into a glorious display or redmption.

Tragic can be turned upside down and begin to shape a steady row of miracles, if we go on and let it.

Tragic can begin to shape you and I into greater lovers and greater followers of the One who faced the greatest of all tragedies- of a Savior being slain by the lost lambs He came to save.

May we not waste away our moments of tragedy by simply trying to rush right through them. May we look up instead, and see what is to be gained right there in the midst of them.

Live strong and full right there, in the tension of the tragic and the beautiful.

Take it all in and let it guide you to the one who will one day wipe every tear and will rejoice with you forevermore.

Yes, this painful, broken world is one day coming to an end. Spend your days below letting yourself be broken for the others in your life, that the beauty of heaven can shine through every crack.

And when life is marked by the beauty of Another World, don't let it slip by without a heart full of rejoicing invested within it. For there lies the reminders of our own after life. 

There within those moments of blissful glory, lies the reminders of what exactly is to come for the heart that believers in the One who won our victory forevermore.

There's a whole lot of us-the dreamers, Christ-followers and seekers of grace. 
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