The doors that lead us deeper in

In all of your imaginings of heaven, do you ever sit and wonder about the list of things that we're going to be surprised by?

I like to think about what could be listed there among the countless things that will catch us off guard in comparison to being in His glorious presence. After all, what do our earthly minds know about a place that is called eternal? What does our short sighted view really amount to standing up against all of time.
I know without a doubt that I'll be more than just a bit surprised by how fleeting those earthly days were. I could think back on to every pitiful little moment that I got too far caught up into the world around me instead of looking up to the world above. 

I could look back and find the millions of times that I turned to something other than the real and true answer, and ended up going for only second best. 

And what about all of those trials and testings that you and I are walking through? What's heaven's view going to be on those awful moments we wish we didn't have to pass through?

We might think that they'll be recognized by a heaviness over that period of our life. Or maybe they will appear with a dark cloud cast over them. Those could be understandable ways of marking the heavy, darkness we seem to be experienceing in the trials and testings that we encounter down here below. 

But, then again, what if in the place of each difficulty in life there appeared a door by which to mark it? What if instead of all of that awful gloom, there's a way through that leads to something better, something maybe we missed in the midst of all the pain and anxiety.

You see, if we look from heavens eyes, we might begin to wonder if each sorrow and struggle was really just a sort of invitation. 

This invitation, or this door, is the very thing that leads you and me into greater depths of intimacy with the one and only King. It brings you to a place of choosing to trust. It opens up your eyes to the frailty of your own heart and reveals in a deep contrast the great enoughness of His love. 

It would seem that with this type of view, we might be able to see each sorrow and each heavy burden as a door leading us deeper into His perfect heart.

This would mean that on that blessed day when we're caught up with Him, we look back and we see only the goodness and sovereignty of a God who planned it all perfectly.

There aren't any dark clouds that we wish we could erase, but only those opportunities to expereince more of His endless grace. 

Let's not wait until we're looking from above to understand this element of His love. Every trial you're up against, every burden you hold, each time that you've been told you must wait and every dream you've had to let go-they're all an open invitation to walk through a door that will only lead to a great understanding of the One you've been created for. Trust in the One who reigns over all and watch in amazement as He holds it all in place.

He's greater than what our human hearts can begin to fathom, so start looking with eyes from above at this whole wide, beautiful earth. This is when all begins to fall into place, in the human heart of a faithful son or daughter. 

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