If you might be called a dreamer

There are countless times in my life when I could be found scribbling away on a pile of blank pieces of paper, filling them full of the plans that I had. Perhaps if you're a fellow dreamer, you can understand.

I made up the goals. I laid it all out. First this step and then the next. I called them my dream-these ideas that I'd chase. I told myself that I could do it all if I just reached up high enough and gave it my all. 

A dreamer is a beautiful thing to be in this world, and yet, it's a messy thing to be when done in the natural ways of the world.
Time and time again, in my short little life, I find myself dazed and confused by the sharp turns of life. Then one day I'm stuck in a place that's far from the words that were scribbled away on those precious little pages, all those days ago. I'm stuck in a place where dreams seem far from coming true.

When I look around at where I'm at I think the goals just weren't meant to be met after all, and decide that I must not be the dreamer that I thought I once was. I try then to keep myself from dreaming to freely in order to miss out on the pain of dreams not coming true. 

But what exactly is it that a dream is meant to be?

A dream ought to be something that, once made true-once you can touch it, see it and feel it-you've reached the very top, there's nothing more to climb. You wouldn't change a thing from then on in life.

Now, have I lost all the realists out there in this world? Sounds like what, you say? An impossible life? You're right. 

Unless, that is, you've dreamt things up just right.

See, back then each plan I had was for a dream that if I'm honest, once reached, I'd still be looking for more. But what if my dream went a little like this...

I didn't care where I was, and I didn't care where I went. I didn't care what became of me really at all. 

What if the only thing I sought after was something that could never fade-something with eternal weight? 

What if I cared more about the hearts alive around me then the destination at the end of the journey? 

What if I dreamed of sharing more of a soul-transforming love, instead of trying to be the one that's always running in the lead? 

What if I gave a little more of what I've got inside, rather than trying to keep it all to myself in order just to get ahead?

Perhaps the greatest dreamers can only exist inside the Love that lights a fire that can never be dimmed. 

You see, I think all of us are meant to dream and chase them with full force, but better look close at what it is you're dreaming. Don't let yourself become deceived. 

Let me ask you this, once you've reached all that you are after, will it be the end of cares and maybe full of laughter? Or do you sense that you'll begin to look for what it is that could be next? Do you think you'll feel a little sinking when your worldly success is reached? 

Let's you and I dream a dream that will lead to everlasting, soul-satisfying bliss in eternity. Let's give our lives over to the dreams of our Heavenly Father. He's an applauder of the dreamer that dares to reach for more than this world could ever offer.

He's the author and the builder of the greatest stories and creations. The One who saw fit to give us our imaginations. He gave all that He could give in order to show us what it means to really live.

Those who walk behind His guidance will never want for more adventure. They'll find their fill along that narrow road, where willing and ready vessels are needed in a greater supply. They'll find the joy that lights the eye and never will grow dim.

Let's you and I be dreamers, making sure our dreams are really what our hearts are after-making sure that they will please the Master. Because it's only when His heart is filled with joy, that our own hearts find their infinite worth for all of eternity. 

The dreamers that follow Christ can dream without limitations and those are the few that He seems to entrust with those out-of-this-world sort of tasks. He's looking for the ones who will willingly accept when He's got a special task. He's looking for the ones who will transform small living into something with meaning. He's looking for the ones will accept with a ready yes when the road has not yet been revealed.

Let's all be dreamers. Let's be dreamers that are building another Kingdom that this world can't even fathom. Dreamers that love without limit and don't hesitate for a moment when the call of Christ is placed upon their lives. Let's dream of the beauty of His radiant majesty, and bring it to our little places on earth.

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