Choosing to see the least of these

You and I have always been taught that bigger is going to be better than the little that we've got. We're told to go as far as we can, and embrace every bit that this life has to offer. We're taught that success is measured in numbers and the great heights that you are able to reach.

We've all heard it said, "go big or go home." As if this life is wasted if you don't reach up for the best.

Our culture seems to cheer the loudest for those who are running the fastest towards their own, self-created version of success. Our world stands up to applaud those who've given their all to the fight for more in their earthly lives.
We've all become used to the aching of our own inner cravings to be the greatest at something, or to win the prize of the worlds positive attention. 

Sometimes it seems that we've gotten too starry eyed for the places that we're in, to the point where we become of little use except to climb higher on the ladder of what our world sees as a success. 

We're so caught up in what we're trying to gain in the future that we loose sight of all that's present. We get so wrapped up in our lives pursuits that suddenly we've skipped all of the life that is now surrounding us. We miss the least of these in our own little corner of the world. 

This chase to success might lead us to our trophies that shine, it might lead us to that perfect job in our minds, but maybe we should stop to consider what this chase for more will lead us away from.

If we're not careful it will lead us away from the very thing that will matter the most, only to gain a pile of wood, hay and stubble. 

We can be drawn away from the very hearts that you and I were commissioned to reach, in our desperate attempt to try and become something. 

It can lead us away from the lost little child who's dealing with a grave case of love deficiency. It can lead us away from hungry souls in need of His powerful, life-transforming grace, or the hearts that have started to decay because of the hardness that has begun to build up around them. It can lead us away from tears in need of drying and a voice in need of listening ears. 

How often in our chase for a better life, do we find ourselves running right by the very hearts in need of someone to resuscitate their broken life? 

How often do we miss the cries for some sort of relief when we fly right by in our attempt to become something?

There's no fault in looking to the future, but perhaps our eyes ought to take ten looks around for every one that's pointed forward. 

We've got to identify our reality and make sure we're present in it, or else we're going to be left with a life that's gained little that is of significance. 

We're meant to be the hands and feet of Christ. How then will you and I reach out, if we're stuck with our eyes looking within? How will we reach out if our goals are always calling our attention up to a higher place on the ladder? 

It's a beautiful thing to hold ambition within your heart, but never let your ambition end with nothing to show but wood, hay and stubble. 

Be a dreamer by all means, but never let yourself  be found overqualified to wash another's tired and worn out feet.

We're meant to all work together, in this task of reaching others. We're meant to be the one's who look to see the least of these, in any place that we might be. 

The greatest reward is always going to be found when you and I reach out side by side, rather than only reaching up to a higher earthly climb. 

The one's you're meant to reach might not be always be found in the form of a begger on the street or an orphan overseas. It might just be the hurting heart of a friend in depserate need. But you and I will never bring what their souls are in need of if our eyes are always looking for a grander and better life. 

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