In search of deliverance

As we all seek to move forward in the journey of following after Christ, there is one thing that we never want to find in our lives.

It's called idolatry.

To the heart that truly knows Him, this idea ought to bring a cringe to our souls as we think of giving our worship to anything of waste.

We know in our minds that He's the One true God, and yet our affections seem to constantly fight to be given to objects holding nothing of value.

This morning I'm reading through Isaiah 44 and a few lines from the chapter seem to be written a bit more bolder than the rest.

"He falls down before it and worships it, 
Prays to it and says, 
Deliver me, for you are my god!"
{ Isaiah 44:17 }

All this time I have understood an idol to be something that I love more than God, and though this is true, there is also another way to reveal the idols that hide away in our hearts.

It comes with the word deliverance.

What am I looking to for deliverance? What is my way out?

We all face seasons in life that are less than what we wanted. Even in the very best of times, there is always something that we are wanting so badly to be delivered from.

We fight and we try to change it our way. We look up to the future to try and see what could be coming that will bring our needed relief.

We put this idea of deliverance in the form of an escape. We long for a job with better pay, a new adventure that brings more purpose, a marriage, a family. We long for any longing satisfied at last in some sort of earthly change.

And yet, will any of these things bring us our deliverance?

We fight for a freedom that can only be found in Him. When we're looking to an earthly object or circumstance for our escape from things we dislike, we are forever waiting for this world to satisfy a heart that's made for heaven. 

We will wait our whole life long without ever finding our freedom, if we look to be delivered by anything other than Christ.

We can't be delivered from our earthly messes by an earthly form of escape. We've got to look to Jesus as the only One who can deliver. 

He's already proven that He can deliver us from sin and shame, why wouldn't we trust that He can deliver us from our trials today?

The fact of the matter is that His deliverance, like every other part of who He is, is unlike the rest of this world. His deliverance is often the grace provided in order to walk through the trial rather than it's removal.

He brings the calm in the midst of the storm. He's never been one to take away the hurts and the sorrows of today, but always has been One to bring redemption into every aspect of your day. 

He always redeems, and there is a blessed deliverance found in the beauty of His redemption unfolding in our circumstances for today.

His deliverance is the only kind that will leave your heart just a bit more transformed into His image than before.

His deliverance is one that will leave you stronger in the end.

His deliverance is the kind that is worth waiting for, praying for and fighting for.

His deliverance is only in our possession when we place the great weight of our trust and our hope upon the God who was meant to carry it.

Look to Him friends, look only to Him, to receive the deliverance that your soul is in great need of. 

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