Why it's safe to let it all go

There are times in life when it seems that everything we've got has somehow been tied up in knots. It seems that the harder we try to make things right, the tighter it all gets.

Truth is, that's when we're meant to just let go. 

We let go-not to forget, and not to give up-but to be released from the burden of trying not to mess it all up.

We can let go because Christ never lets go of us. 

We can release our hold on this fragile life, because Christ never moves from His place of control.

Just as He stood sovereign on the day that He breathed this whole wide world into existence, so He stands in control of it all now.

Just as He stood as Lord over the great flood waters, so He stands sovereign over the raging seas inside of our lives.

Our letting go might make us feel like all is falling out of control, but in reality, it's simply a step out of the way so that He can have His better way.

When we refuse to release our hold on the way that our life goes, we are refusing to let the God of the universe run our life the way He intended to from the beginning.

When we try to lend a hand, try to choose the course we think we should take, we dim the light of His unfathomable grace. When we try to make it all turn right, we've begun to limit His power within our lives.

If you find today that your mind still tends to believe that the working of your hands will simply be enough, perhaps it's time for you to take a closer look at what exactly you are out to gain. If you're after earthly achievement then you might very well be enough on your own, but if it's His glory that you're after, than He along can do that work.

Let go today, and trust that He will never let go of you. He's painting a beautiful masterpiece with each of our lives, but first we've got to let Him have the canvas free and clear of any disruption.

Our hearts are prone to forget, our hands quick to try and grab control once more, but today let us release our hold. We'll fight again tomorrow to continue to let it go.

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