When God's forever on-time, but never on-demand

This past week I turned through the pages of Ann Swindell's Still WaitingI had only gotten as far as the first few paragraphs of the introduction before something hit me good and hard. 

"God's people are often called to be a waiting people-not because He is unkind or unloving, but rather the exact opposite. God's people are a waiting people because He is an on-time God, not an on-demand God." 
-Jess Connolly (author of Wild and Free)

Can a single one of us argue that those who follow Christ are strangers to ever waiting in life? There's a place hidden deep in each one of us that could easily bear the label of the place in which we must sit still and wait.
And why is it that you and I have to face a life full of waiting? It's the waiting that often bring the worst pain. It's the waiting that seem to lay greater weights upon our tired backs. 

Surely God wants us to know the blessed beauty of His abundant goodness and surely He will be quick to save His children from the many times of waiting that we face in life. 

And yet, wait we do, and often at that.

But maybe you and I are sitting here at a pause because there's something we're supposed to be finding right there in our little spot of waiting. 

This God that you and I are looking to-He's many things that we can't seem to grasp, but one thing He isn't is a God that's going to do whatever we ask in the time that we think best. He isn't some sort of on-demand God, but He's always and forever an on-time God.

We can ask ourselves why. We can sit and try to explain that it would bring Him glory to answer us in a moment's time so that we can get on with doing His work. 

But maybe He's not so much after your work as he is after your learning. Maybe He's not looking for what your life can add, but rather what your life can know. 

Maybe He's got you sitting somewhere for awhile, because He knows that there's a gem of some sort, hidden right in the very same spot that you seem to be stuck in.

He's looking for us to quiet our soul and true the One who holds it all. One of the best thing we can do is listen to the words He gives us right in Isaiah- "In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." (Isaiah 30:15)

You see, sometimes God asks us to do the opposite of what seems best in our minds.

You and I could be faced by a mighty storm of winds and waves, and He might just ask us to sit there and wait.

You and I might be sitting on the brink of something great, and He might just ask us to sit here and wait.

We could be full of all the energy we could ever need to carry out the greatest of commands, or we could have our heads so full of plans until all that we are lacking is His final move of provision. And yet still, it might just be best of all for us to wait. 

But is it because His love isn't enough? Is it because He's forgotten all of our hurts? Or is it because He's got a grander view and sees that the lessons you could learn, are greater than the rewards you're trying so hard to earn? 

I think it's all just coming right back through to that one solid foundation-He's an on-time God, not an on-demand God. 

Rest in quietness. Rest in confidence. Your waiting will reveal a treasure in Him that's great than the way you're trying to go.

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