A stranger form of grace

If you're life is anything like mine, you have quite a few days in your life that might be marked with confusion. You can have a hundred days in a row that seem to make a crystal clear pattern, and you can have a consistent row of happenings that seem to lead in a certain direction, and then you can have one single day when nothing seems to make sense at all.

So what do we do with these days that just don't seem to make sense? The twirling circumstances around us don't match what we thought would come next. Maybe it's a storm that seems to creep up on us with out a hint of warning, or maybe it's a blank, empty nothingness when you thought for sure there was going to be something of a grander size.
We can sit and puzzle, we can wonder what to do, but in these odd days that don't make any kind of sense, it's usually quite certain that our puzzling won't be the thing that makes them right.

I've got an idea that these sudden changes of events are far from accidents in our lives. Yes, they might have an appearance of some sort of catastrophic mistake, but to the one who believers in He who is Sovereign, they've got to understand that there's much, much more than just what meets the eye.

Yes, it might take us a bit more to understand. We might be in need of some digging to really see, or perhaps we've got a massive lack of clarity because we've let a lot of other things slowly crowd their way in. But to the heart that is patient and willing to see, you might find that this change of plans or unexpected situation in life, is just exactly what you are in need of.

After all, when we're traveling along a familiar route, we're more than likely going to grow a little less attentive in our navigation. Things can suddenly be turned on to an autopilot switch and suddenly we're lost in thought on something, completely oblivious. But think then, when we have gone and missed a turn, or a road's been changed around since last we've come. What's going to happen to our focus and attention?

The truth of it is, that's when we snap to it. We realize that somethings off and we are in need of some sort of navigation. We've got to find some sort of direction and we'd better find it quick.

Just in the same sort of way, our hearts sometimes tend to continue on in that automatic way. It's easy to coast when we think we know the way, but when we're faced with the unfamiliar, we're quick to realize that we've got a need for something more. 

Those days that seem to be off, those times of great confusion, can really be your needed grace in a strange little disguise. 

They can have the power to wake you again to your need of a Savior that has the very greatest love for you. They can turn your heart to the One that it was made for, and that will never be a bother to the one who is His son or daughter. 

We'd better not despise the change in the road or the unexpected obstacle, because we'll often find that these are where we can find the very deepest pools of grace in the never ending love of the Father. 

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