There's no need to hide the fact that we are weak

There was a time when I had embraced it. There wasn't any trying to deny it. I knew deep within myself there was only someone who was weak.

Too weak to live well on my own. Too weak to go ahead and sum up enough strength. Too weak to try and take any of the praise or glory.

I'd come to love that verse in the Bible. You know, the one about God using the foolish things to shame the wise. (1 Corinthians 1:27) I'd full out come to love the fact that I was a part of this upside down Kingdom of God's own choosing-this place where weak things were the only things that were chosen to be used.

I embraced this whole idea and knew that it was the reason for every good thing coming out of my life.

And then here I sit. It's just a bit further down the road and I'm finding that somewhere along the way, this ever-forgetting heart of mine went and lost the memory of the way our God transforms the hearts of those who are weak. I've fallen for perfectionism and all I've found is that it's crippling me instead of bettering me.

I've felt the need to measure it all up and found that I'm not meeting with my level of what is good. I've been caught in the struggling to reach for higher heights, rather than letting this beautiful God shine light right through me. 

All of this perfectionism can have a massive effect on what we've set out to do in our every day. It will paralyze us faster than any injury could, and this numbing will reach our deepest parts in a way that no earthly circumstance could possibly effect us.

Because the truth of it is, we're never going to find ourselves measuring up. After our hearts grow tired of this repetitious cycle, we'll end up doing absolutely nothing at all.

This search and struggle to perfect ourselves is eventually what's going to shut you and I right down. When an imperfect being sets out to do something without flaw they are guaranteed failure every single time. 

You and I can only thrive in life, when we choose to embrace those weak areas of our lives. We're only going to gain, when we let Christ into our weak hearts to do Heaven's perfection, and forget all of our trying.

Truth is, it is because of our weakness that Christ desires to use us, not in spite of them. It's in those weak areas of our lives that His grace shines brightest through. That's why Paul decided He'd better do more than just embrace them, and he went on to do every bit of his boasting in the weakness in his life. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

You and I don't need to set out and try to perfect ourselves, Instead let's just go ahead and yield every part of ourselves. We can be weak because Christ has already done all of the work that was needed to give us the strength of Heaven through Him. 

When we surrender our weakness over to His strength, the power of Christ will come down into our lives.

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