Taking little steps when all you want to do is run

Do you ever get the urge to take a giant leap forward to the next paragraph in this life story of yours? Do you ever wish you could skip all of these small, seemingly insignificant steps that are barely moving you forward, and wish instead you could move on to the point when all of the clarity is brought, like some grand, overdue gift?

Maybe your little corner of the world seems slow and unclear, or maybe it's gone and turned upside down on you. You feel like a jump forward would be the best solution to your little dilemma of confusion. 

And yet, you and I are going to find that our Father is often more in favor of the daily, little steps forward, rather than asking us to go and take a leap ahead.
There are gray days when the quiet of the world around you is as a deep contrast from the restless wonderings of your restless heart. You wish that you could step into the clear view and step out of the world that seems an eerie silence. 

Our feet are stuck in a slow, shuffling forward sort of motion, when really what we're aching to do is run. We're wishing to run to where all of the answers are. Run to where the wonderings can't find our weary hearts any more. 

And maybe it's time for you and I to remind our souls that these small steps forward hold a purpose and weight far beyond what we are understanding. 

Instead of being woke up to the clarity that we crave, we've got to wake ourselves up to the realization that each small step forward is a part of the plan. 

When we try to skip the small and seemingly insignificant, what we're really skipping over is this thing that's called the process. 

We might feel that it's unnecessary and yet, when we look back at the process we've already walked through, we're going to find that it's got more value than we'd care to admit. 

Our great God never meant for us to skip from one high peak onto the next high place on the horizon. You and I, we've got to embrace these moments of climbing up and down these high mountain peaks, because it's in the climbing that's going to make all of the peaks worth the seeing. 

Anticipation can be one of the greatest of gifts, but it's a gift that you and I are going to have to choose to cherish, rather than try to skip. 

Maybe your stuck right there in that rocky place. The way ahead is no longer made visible, beyond just those next couple of steps. Maybe your heart's stuck in an ache, and you're wondering when it will be restored. Maybe there's a hurricane of turmoil going through your soul, like deep waves of despair. If these places hold a close familiarity to your own life-closer than you'd wish to share- than go ahead and remind yourself of the beauty that's gained right there in the process. 

It's a process of changing and growing and being made ready. Ready for every mountain peak that you're going to get to taste. Ready for every moment when you're heart's full enough to burst at the beautiful view that's before you. 

Your little steps forward might be breaking you, but they'll also be the making of you. Don't try to jump to a new place. Don't try to leap to a grander space up ahead. If you and I try to skip these little steps that are seeming to be weightless, we're going to find our hearts unready-our souls ill-prepared-for the end of the mountain climb. We're never going to make it to the places He's wanting to bring us to. 

The path that's travelled by small steps forward is what we'll soon find to be the way of grace. It's the way of a gentle, loving Savior. It's the way of hearts being shaped, the way of life being treasured.

It's those who walk through small and simple days, who will find someday that all along, He was building some sort of blessed masterpiece for all to gaze upon.

 It's in the little details of a life that's moving slow that the grace reaches right on through. 

Let's you and I be sure not to miss a single, little step forward into the ways of His grace-the vast extent of His love. We're going to gain a treasure when we learn to understand their weight. 

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