Are we going to recognize Him?

When you and I take those first steps over the threshold of time, when our days have all been wrapped up in some sort of ending chapter, and we're headed straight to the meeting of our Maker, will we recognize Him? 

Will we together look upon the face of that great and glorious One and cry out words such as "My Jesus" in a flood of overjoyed recognition.

You might be thinking that of course that's going to be you-staring up into the face of the One you've followed for so long. And if that is you, than friend, I'm straight up glad to hear it, because I've got the feeling that that will be the single greatest moment of your own, whole existence.

I long for that day with a deep ache in my soul. This world's done a good job at letting us down time and time again, with all of it's heartache and sin. The one single thing that's often getting us through is that blessed hope of One day seeing our Father's face.

Now, let me ask you this-How well will you know that One that you're going to behold?

Will the relationship between you be of the very closest kind? Will you still call Him Father when you look upon Him fully? Will His face somehow be familiar in every sort of way, or will you find it holds a trace of something unrecognizable to your mind?

Here's the thought that's been searching my heart...

I don't want to enter into eternity and find that, for all of this time, I've been following after a God of my very own design. 

Sure, you can go ahead and say it. You think there's no chance of this ever being what happens to you. And yet, how quick are we to get things wrong right here in this life?

This thought isn't one that needs to strike a sort of fear in your heart. No, instead it ought to leave us with a quiet contemplation of the state of our own hearts. 

There is a way that we can know the One and true God. There is a guarantee that we can have of knowing our Father's heart. But, I just wonder how often we get tired of pursuing the one single thing we were created to pursue-the one single thing that will matter most in our lives.

We get weary of pursuing the great God who made us, and that's when our Bibles lay there shut up on the table, and our times of prayer become nothing more than a meal time sort of ritual. 

We can know our God, and that should bring us a grateful, "Hallelujah!" But if we choose to not pursue Him-If we choose to not spend time with Him, You and I are at the risk of creating a sort of idol rather than following the Lover of our Souls. 

I don't want to waste my time, running after a God of my own design.

I don't want to face that day and find that all of this time, I've been living for a false reality instead of the Very Greatest Thing.

I think often of that grand day, when I'll step across the threshold of time into eternity. I have these deep ache to look up from my weary journey and cry out in the very gladest sort of adoration and cry out "Father!"

I want to know Him like that. I want to recognize every part of who He is, as the One that I've been following after all of this time.

Our world is doing it's very best to try and mare our view of God. The enemy knows that if He can distort our view of whom our Savior is, than we will find that we've been living a lie for all of this time.

Don't let it be said of you, that you followed a God of your very own design. 

We fight with the Word.

We fight with Prayer.

You aren't going to know Him with Bibles shut and Prayer closets left empty. 

Pursue the One who first pursued you, and you'll find that knowing Christ is the single, most important thing there is about you. 

Don't base your belief off of what the world tries to tell you of God. Don't base your belief off of what you want to believe of God. Know Him and you'll know freedom of the only true kind.

I'm leaving you with a quote that's been stirring in my soul ever since I first heard these words spoken. Don't turn away from the challenge that they might bring.

"You will watch a generation of Christians - OF CHRISTIANS - set the Bible aside in an attempt to become more like Jesus. And stunningly it will sound completely plausible. This will be perhaps the cleverest of all the devil's schemes in your generation. Sacrifice Truth for Love's sake. And you will rise or fall based upon whether you will sacrifice one for the other. Will you have the courage to live in the tension of both TRUTH and LOVE?"
 -Beth Moore

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