When a sea of fear is raging all around you

So, you're pleading for God to use you. You're downright begging to do the impossible in this life. You ask to do the extraordinary things that will change others lives, whether it be in a seemingly ordinary spot in life, or whether it be a sort of radical way of living.

There's a lot of us that are crying out for this. We seek to have our lives be transformed in the way that we know He is able to do. We seek to become a person that's doing what our Jesus did. We know He's able, and we know He's willing.

Maybe you've got the chance. Maybe the door is open wide to you for the first time in your life, and your hearts about to bust with the thought of seeing His miracles with your own eyes. You give Him a great big yes, and you take your very first step. There's no fear in your mind! After all, this was your request. It's been granted now, so you jump on through-nothing to loose.

You make it a few steps more down this road of Spirit-filled living. You know you're doing the impossible-the very same things that only Christ can really do. Others are watching and their eyes are full of wonder. They're seeing the very power of Christ in your life. What could be greater? Surely this is truly living!

Then you make that one mistake.

That one terrible mistake that leaves your life seeming to sink. You're eyes begin to see the storm all around you and suddenly all of the wonder just seems to cave. Dashed to pieces, you wonder what went wrong. How'd the beauty of the transformed way come to such a destructive end?

Maybe you've already thought it, but there's a story sort of like this that you've probably read a time or two. It's that crazy account of the man named Peter. Peter wanted to do the impossible. He had all the passion, all the desire, all of the eager, over-excited, over-the-top kind of begging to be used by God.

Him and his friends were out in their boat on, what seemed to be just an ordinary little trip. Then they're eyes caught a glimpse of something-something walking out on those waves. The moment Peter recognized that it was Jesus out there in the storm, He wanted to be with Him. He wanted to do the crazy, the impossible-He wanted to do what Jesus was doing. Without a moment of hesitation, he made his request known. "Let me be like you, God, and walk this impossible way."

God's reply was the simple invitation to come. "Come and be with me. Come and do the impossible with me."

Peter believed, and Peter obeyed. He got out as fast as He could and took a step out on those fierce waves. It must have been a crazy moment. I'd think that every man in that boat begged him not to go. I'd think the waves and the wind only added to all of the crazy confusion that was going through their minds. Was He stepping out only to die?

But Peter, his eyes were fixed. He knew where He was going-straight to Jesus. He knew who was making this possible-only Jesus. He kept his gaze fixed, and then the impossible became possible.

Yet, just a few steps in, and something dramatically changed. There was a switch. Suddenly, the waves and wind were louder than the urge to keep His eyes on the face of the Master. Those winds and waves had been there all along-it wasn't their fierceness that had the change. No, it was simply the change in his focus that made it all come crashing to bits.

Sinking, he was sinking. Fear gripped his soul and his heart seemed too fail! In one desperate attempt, he cried out for relief. The hand of Jesus was there to save, but the grandness of what took place, was now in the past.

You see, the waves and winds were always there. Nothing about them had changed from the start. The only thing that changed was the place where Peter looked. That choice to look away-it was a welcome invitation to fear. He lost sight of who was making things possible, and instead caught a glimpse of the storms that were surrounding him.

And yet, you and I are just about the same. We might be living that impossible kind of life, the one that's only done by the power of the Risen One. And yet, if we become like Peter, and take our eyes away from the Master, you and I are sure to start to sink into a world that's full of fear. Those winds and waves? They aren't going to stop their noise. But if you take your gaze off of them and put it back on the Father, suddenly all becomes possible once again.

You and I had better stop listening to the voices of fear and anxiety and instead set our eyes on the Master. When we choose to keep our eyes on Him, the noise of doubt will soon grow dim, and suddenly, you and I are walking on water.

The impossible life is ready and available, but only to the soul that's not ever going to turn their gaze away from the Master.

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