Losing the fear of messing it all up

There I was again, begging Him to open my ears to His voice. I had come to grips once more with the fact that I didn’t want to take one more step unless I knew that it was a step in His plan. I had this ache to be one of those little sheep that John 10 talks about. You know-the one’s who know His voice and listen.

I laid out this whole longing that had welled up inside. I confessed to Him that I was scared. I had gone ahead and gained a whole fear of messing this life up.

It can be down right crazy at times, and with a million questions in your mind, a million voices calling your name, you and I might just be right to be concerned about taking a step that’s headed in the wrong direction.

I was gripped by the fear that I would do the wrong thing-mess up in some sort of way. But you know, as soon as I let those words fall free from my mouth; as soon as that confession of fear was formed into words and sentences, I was given an answer that silenced me.

You don’t have to fear messing it all up, if Christ is the only one that’s doing the work.

If you’ve got this fear of mixing up all of these plans, then you’re still doing more than you are meant to be.

I was silenced, because it was true. I was working. I was trying. I was doing my best for the One who does it all perfectly. I was scared of messing up, because I knew that I was only capable of messing every single thing up.

Maybe I ought to focus in on my role in things. What would happen if the only work that’s done through me, was the work of God who does it all well? What if I take up the pursuit of just simply letting the Perfect One do His perfect work in me? Maybe all you and I are really called to is to not let our busy hands go and get in the way. It seems the only task we’ve been given is the task of simply letting ourselves be given.

Maybe all of this fear of messing up and getting things all tied up, is simply a sign that we’ve taken a step right across that line. It might just look like us walking up to the Perfect God and taking back one of those burdens that He’s taken for us-one of those burdens that He’s meant to bear.

Why don’t you and I start living like this life doesn’t depend upon our ability to do a task well? Why don’t we let go and let God invade every space that we’ve got in these lives and watch Him do the work of a Perfect God right here and now? Because you know what might just happen if you let it all fall right into His hands? That fear? It’s all going to slip away too.

You and I aren’t going to have to worry one bit about where we go or what we say, those big decisions in life, or even the one’s that hardly hold any weight, because we’ve let the Perfect One have every one of them.

Our task is to listen. Our task is to respond with empty, lifted hands. Our task is to let it all go. Our task is to give up this control.

The amount that you hold back just begins to multiply with fear and worry, and suddenly you’ve been shut down from living the life you were made for.

Let’s you and I walk forward today with eyes fixed on the One who does all things well. Let’s let go of these worries and fears and let’s start welcoming in the grace and power of a God who doesn’t know failure.

You don’t have to fear messing it all up, if Christ is the only one that's doing the work.

Let those words break down every chain of fear that you’ve got today. Let those words wash over you’re heart with the surrender of a free Child of the Father, and the weight of you worries slip away from your heart. 

Let Him do it, and it will be done well. 

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