It's time to break free from that lie in your mind

Here comes some real and deep honesty. I took these words before Jesus and asked Him on whether or not they were meant to be shared. The answer was clear. So clear that it left my heart ready to burst with it all.

Why am I sharing this road that I've been walking? Because I think you might just be walking it too. I have this feeling that where I've been, is a part of your journey as well and if these words bring light and life to a single soul somewhere out in this world, it will be worth a bit of honesty to reach that far.

This morning I was hit hard by a reality. The truth of it sunk down deep into my soul. It was the sort of wake up call that changes you-renewing your mind, transforming your life.

I realized that I had bought into a lie for a good part of my life.
I would never have admitted it before, never would have believed that I had fallen under this trap. But there I was, caught up in it none the less.

The lie that I had fallen for was simply that a full and beautiful life was not going to be mine unless things went the way I had envisioned them in my mind.

We've all got those dreams, things we want to become our reality. Maybe it's a home, a job, a marriage, a child, the list could go on and on. We're all wanting something.

Well, I had made up my mind that I knew what happy looked like. I saw it very clearly in fact. I knew nearly every detail of the definition of happy. And yet, what I hadn't realized all along is that my definition of happy was just that, mine.

There have been times when I've looked around at my life and thought, "this sure is beautiful!" But as soon as those words slipped out of my mouth, the image was there. It stared me straight in the face and chased all of the beauty of today far away. It was an image that I had created of what the best life would look like.

This image of a beautiful life? It kept me from embracing all of the beauty I did have in life. It put every single thing that surrounded me as only second rate.
This image of a beautiful life? Well it went ahead and made me feel downright silly for doing anything that was different than that picture in my head.

Right now, God has me doing some things I'd never have dreamed of doing. He's got me living a life I wouldn't have chosen, hadn't designed and would have passed by if I had had it my way.

And yet.

And yet, our God doesn't ever give His children a second rate blessing. He doesn't ever take His children to places that are just next to best. He doesn't ever withhold all of the treasures that He's prepared for us. But friends, in order to get the treasure of Heaven, you and I are going to have to lay aside our vision of what a beautiful life looks like.

You and I are going to have to quit working towards what we think He should give us and start following hard after what He's already entrusted us with.
You and I had better stop holding our lives up to the picture in our minds and instead open our arms wide to embrace this different way of life.

I have a feeling that if we could trample this image we've created of a beautiful life, we might just see that we're surrounded by the very grandest beauty.

The longer we think of our spot in life as second rate, the longer that we will just sit here and wait. The longer we put our fulfillment in some other place,  the longer we miss out on what a beautiful life ought to be like.

His ways aren't our own. We all should know this well by now. So let's you and I, go ahead and embrace this life that we've got in our hands. Let's give it our all. Let's run with every ounce of strength that we've got. Let's forget about if we're doing something different than the rest of them. Let's forget about this world's version of perfection. Let's forget about that one place in our mind and let's choose instead to call it a lie, because friends? That's just what it is.

The image of a beautiful life that is floating up in your head, might just be one of the grandest little tricks that our enemy tries.

Break it in pieces today. Let it fall to a crashing end. Embrace the full and beautiful life that your God has given you today, because friends? It's never, ever going to be better than when you're in the Father's plan.

I've fallen prey to the enemies hand. I've let Him confuse me, control me and rob me of what's rightfully mine. I've let Him tell me that what I'm doing is second best. I've let him tell me that I don't have a chance unless life takes a different turn. I've let him destroy my beautiful life, and it won't continue a second more.

Lets you and I, break free from our image of how life should be, because when we embrace the life we've been given, we're ready to really start living His plan.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Amanda. It is so true, and something I needed to hear.

    -Ruth W.

  2. Praise Jesus! It's something I needed to hear as well, Ruth!

  3. So very good! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You're welcome, Ashley! I'm so glad it was an encouragement to you!

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