How to join this mission that you're already in

You wake up every normal, mundane morning and they are with you. Their faces are as familiar as the site of the sun greeting you-always there, always a part of your day.

We've all got these people that we call our family, but by now we should realize that family spreads much farther than those just under our roof. If we're a part of the Kingdom we've got a family that's ever expanding. So what's this whole relationship like with these people in our lives? What are we to do with the one's right under our roof? 

Our God isn't one to go and make a some sort of mistake. No, He's got this world under control and that means He's purposeful. Purposeful in His love for you, and purposeful in His calling for you. He's purposeful in another way too, but this one can tend to make us more than a bit uncomfortable. You see, He's purposeful in who He's placed you with. There's a reason, and friends-it just isn't some sort of accident. 

These people around you every, single day of your life, are a part of the calling that He's set for your life. Sure, it takes on different roles for each of us. The way it ought to work is not some sort of set formula or routine. He's got something though, and you'd be missing out on more than you'd dream, if you skip this part of your living. 

Often times you and I have our head wrapped around somewhere else, wondering where we're meant to be and who we're meant to be. We turn our eyes up to some far off place wondering if it's got a spot in our future, without even a thought of the link we've got with those at home- those blood relations and community friendships. 

And sure, you might just be made for another place in this world. You might be called to some other type of home and to love from a distance. But you'd better go and look at what your God is wanting you to do with these people in your life, before you try to run to another way of life. 

Our hearts are often set on the big and grand things we could do. Funny how in our minds, those big and grand things lie just past the closest circle in our lives. We can minister to anyone and everyone on the street, but giving the love that's needed to the one under our roof can become the very hardest thing. 

I often wonder why it is so very hard. Why this struggle to share the truth in love with those whom you love the very most? Why this wall in sharing Christ with the one you'll share your whole life with? 

Maybe it's because this enemy were up against just isn't some sort of joke. Maybe He's letting Himself see something that we like to turn our own eyes away from. What if sharing Christ with family was the secret to beautiful harmony? What if surrendered loving in the home unlocked this same ability, wherever you go? What if giving up your life for those so close in life, brought the very best kind of display of the love that Jesus gave? 

You see, you're already in this mission of winning the souls in your home. The question is, are you going to fulfill this part of the good Father's call in your life? Or, will you step back and try to find a way to serve another life?

You and I aren't going to excel at loving another, if we can't love the ones God's given us to love in our homes. 

Why don't we go ahead and start by simply bending our knee on their behalf? Take this first step of obedience and His life begins to flow through your heart and into your home. 

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