Losing the fear of messing it all up

There I was again, begging Him to open my ears to His voice. I had come to grips once more with the fact that I didn’t want to take one more step unless I knew that it was a step in His plan. I had this ache to be one of those little sheep that John 10 talks about. You know-the one’s who know His voice and listen.

I laid out this whole longing that had welled up inside. I confessed to Him that I was scared. I had gone ahead and gained a whole fear of messing this life up.

It can be down right crazy at times, and with a million questions in your mind, a million voices calling your name, you and I might just be right to be concerned about taking a step that’s headed in the wrong direction.

When a sea of fear is raging all around you

So, you're pleading for God to use you. You're downright begging to do the impossible in this life. You ask to do the extraordinary things that will change others lives, whether it be in a seemingly ordinary spot in life, or whether it be a sort of radical way of living.

There's a lot of us that are crying out for this. We seek to have our lives be transformed in the way that we know He is able to do. We seek to become a person that's doing what our Jesus did. We know He's able, and we know He's willing.

Maybe you've got the chance. Maybe the door is open wide to you for the first time in your life, and your hearts about to bust with the thought of seeing His miracles with your own eyes. You give Him a great big yes, and you take your very first step. There's no fear in your mind! After all, this was your request. It's been granted now, so you jump on through-nothing to loose.

How to join this mission that you're already in

You wake up every normal, mundane morning and they are with you. Their faces are as familiar as the site of the sun greeting you-always there, always a part of your day.

We've all got these people that we call our family, but by now we should realize that family spreads much farther than those just under our roof. If we're a part of the Kingdom we've got a family that's ever expanding. So what's this whole relationship like with these people in our lives? What are we to do with the one's right under our roof? 

It's time to break free from that lie in your mind

Here comes some real and deep honesty. I took these words before Jesus and asked Him on whether or not they were meant to be shared. The answer was clear. So clear that it left my heart ready to burst with it all.

Why am I sharing this road that I've been walking? Because I think you might just be walking it too. I have this feeling that where I've been, is a part of your journey as well and if these words bring light and life to a single soul somewhere out in this world, it will be worth a bit of honesty to reach that far.

This morning I was hit hard by a reality. The truth of it sunk down deep into my soul. It was the sort of wake up call that changes you-renewing your mind, transforming your life.

I realized that I had bought into a lie for a good part of my life.