When it seems like God just likes to wait

I start my prayer time each morning with a time of thanking God. The blessings He's given me are tremendous, but they can't even compare with the price He paid to buy me back as His own daughter.

One of the things that usually makes it on my list of thanks is the great patience that our God possesses.

I'm especially grateful for this one because I know good and well that without a great amount of patience, I would not have been rescued. Without a great amount of patience, I would not be grown stronger each day. 

I look back at the stories recorded in His Word and stand amazed at a patient and gentle Father.
He's been patient with us because somehow and in someway, He saw in us something worth saving, something worth His waiting. Not because of our own goodness, but only because of His overwhelming, never-ending, always-faithful love. 

He's been patient with each one of us as we try and fail in our own strength, and then do it all over again a hundred times, because He somehow sees a treasure in us that's worth His refining.

When we're looking at things from this point of view, it's pretty easy to be filled up full with gratitude for the grace of His patience. After all, it's what saved us in the beginning and it's what's saving us every single day. 

Another thing that should be top on our list of thanks is the fact that our God is consistent. His character never changes and His nature always remains the same.

That means that He's patient in every single area of our lives.

I'm realizing that I for one, am not consistent. And why is that?

Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that my prayers start with a "thank you for the patience," and then quickly move on to the "God could you please hurry up and show me this, give me that and just make life get a whole lot better a whole lot faster?" 

Wait though! Am I so quick to forget? He's patient. 

Patient just to drive me crazy? Patient because He just really likes this whole idea of waiting? 

No. No, that's just not it. You see, the fact that He's consistent means that the reasons behind His patience are never going to change.

He was patient in our coming to Christ because He somehow saw that we'd be worth His wait, and He is patient in brining us the answers to our prayers, because He knows that they are worth waiting for that perfect timing. 

He's patient with the imperfections of our day, because He knows that they are worth wrestling through, in order to gain the refinement that they bring. 

He's patient because He knows where the deepest and truest treasures are hidden and He's willing to wait until they're in our possession. 

I've got this feeling that, if our hearts are lined up right, God's heart is near bursting with a desire to show us all that He's got ahead of us. Remember? He absolutely delights in giving good gifts to His children! But, He's willing to wait until the timing is perfection. 

He understands better than we ever could, what we need and when we need it. He knows when to move us on to the next chapter of life and He knows best when to come back for His bride. 

He is patient to perfection in every little thing, and that is something to thank Heaven for.

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