What It Really Means To Stand For Life

I've been seeing it a lot lately-reading articles on it, listening to speeches on it and hearing talk of it. Everyone seems to be joining in the fight a little extra this week, the fight against the hideous crime of taking the innocent lives of children through abortion. 

I'm encouraged to see people raising up their voices to speak about it, because battles such as these are never won through silence and passivity.

Perhaps like me though, you wish there was a little more fight that you could give in this whole raging war to save these helpless little lives. Well, I'm wondering if maybe there is something more for us to do. I'm wondering if maybe we aren't a little too quick to overlook the opportunity that faces us every single day, to fight for the unborn.

Maybe there's more to this whole role of being pro-life than just trying to fight for the lives of these unborn babies. It could be that by really loving the little ones who've made it into this world, we can begin to unfold a message to all, a message of what it means to value life.

You see, it's deeper than choosing not to see an unborn child as a life. It's deeper than just giving it the label of tissue. I have a feeling that our world might just have forgotten the value that every child holds within them.

We live in a place where parents are often bothered by them, help is often hired to raise them, schools built so we don't have to educate them, and electronics created so we're not forced to entertain them. It's no wonder we're stuck in a mess of people not even knowing how to live their life, when they grew up in a world that only seemed to tell them that they are inconvenient. 

Maybe we all need to start showing this world what the value of a little child's life really does hold. 

Jesus says," Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me." (Matthew 18:5) I wonder if they were struggling with having this same awful dilemma that we're facing today or if Jesus just knew what was coming up ahead. 

Maybe we could change the world by simply loving a child well-looking them in the eye, letting them share yet another silly story. We could change the world by raising them in homes that convey a love that cares too much to just survive their childhood. 

By loving a child you're declaring to the world, that this life is significant, this life has a purpose. As you hold their hand in yours a little longer and go ahead and squeeze them just a little tighter, you're showing this world that this is someone worth caring about. 

We wonder why this world is in the mess that it's in? Well, maybe we should invest a little more love and care into the lives that will one day be those who are shaping it. 

Many of us have lost the value of raising our children and often let it turn into surviving our children. Many have quit taking the harder road that leads to greater reward and let ourselves settle for only making it through.

To be pro-life means to stand for every child's life. It means to be there for the young mom who's trying to do it right, but feels like she can't help but get it all wrong. It means to go ahead and be silly when the kiddos just need something to do. It means to pour every ounce of the love that you've got in your heart straight into the little lives that you are surrounded by.

If you're claiming to be pro-life that means you are pro-life every single day, not just when you re-share that post on Facebook or vote for a certain political candidate.

This world has a desperate need for those who will live like they're pro-life in every single situation they face. We need an army of people to fight for those unborn babies, by showing this world that children matter. We need to learn to invest in the most precious gift we've been given and put their value on display for all of this world to see.

All photos taken by: Bethany Seibel

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