Hope Placed Where it's Meant to Be

Isn't it strange how we'd all be the first to admit that expectations are rarely met, and yet we struggle with frustration each time that they aren't?

It's as if our heads know the facts of it all, but our hearts just can't quite grab on to it. We want so desperately for all of those expectations to be met, and that longing keeps us from fully accepting the truth.

What if we could change it all? What if we could do away with all of the disappointment and letdown?

Perhaps it's not all as out of reach as we might think. Sure, it sounds like a dream land full of wonderful. Sure, it won't ever be fulfilled in the way that this whole crazy world might be after. But maybe we all need to ask ourselves this question-what am I leaning the weight of my expectations on? 

If I'm looking for anything earthly, then I'm guaranteed a full-on, deep disappointment. If I'm looking to another human heart that's walking on this earth, I'm sure to be let down. When you and I are chasing after anything that's temporary, then we've got to remember that even the greatest joy it gives, will one day have an end. Yes, if our hope lies in anything earthly than we are standing on shaky ground, indeed.

But, what if we put all of this hope on something that's built to hold the weight?

We're quick to praise the day when our eternal destiny begins, but deep down, how much do we all really ache and long for that day? We're quick to agree that this life is merely temporary, yet how quick are we to bank a part of our hope right there in the middle of our temporary?

What if instead, we went and put it all on Christ? We could go ahead and take Peters wise advice and "rest (our) hope fully on the grace that is to be brought to (us) at the revelation of Jesus Christ."

It all could be a whole lot different, if there wasn't a longing in our heart that could compete with our longing to be with our Creator. Maybe it isn't quite a matter of lowering our expectations, but rather, transferring our affections. Go ahead and imagine with me. Imagine what the affects would be in our everyday living, if all our affections were transferred over to the promise of eternity.

I have a feeling you and I might just be breathing in freedom as if it were air. 

When the weight of our expectation is placed fully on the shoulders of our Father, it's then fully lifted off of the people in each of our lives.
When our hope is caught up in that glorious day, it no longer matters if our days on earth end up following all of our plans.
If our longing is to see His face, than we have a guarantee that every last bit of it will be fully satisfied.

Hope placed exactly where it's meant to be, means freedom for our souls, once so weary with disappointment. 

We're free to love though it never be returned.
We're free to give though it's never once been earned.
We're free to live though the whole earth be crumbling to pieces, because after all-we've got an eternity. 

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