Accepting the Challenge

I've spent the last while asking Jesus for some wisdom and clarity on what I'm supposed to be focused on this next year.

For so many weeks I seemed to be hearing nothing but silence. I had to come to grips with the waiting and the enduring. He was slowly bringing fragments together, but it still wasn't quite there...

Well, a few days ago I was sitting there mindin' my own business and God saw fit to dump out nearly all of the clarity I'd been asking for in one great flood. And with it all, came one big reminder of the faithfulness of our God when we are willing to wait for His timing.

So what's my focus to be on for this next space of time?

It's this concept of giving-giving away your life. It's giving it first to the God who formed it, and then-through His grace-you take that redeemed and reformed life and give it to the world that's surrounding you. You give it away every single day, letting Jesus spend you, because the real living is found in the giving.

So, this year? I'm diving into the great depths of living with the vision God has on each of our lives-letting Him have His way. I'm striving by the power of Jesus, to love intentionally in every way possible.

This challenge? It means speaking the redemption story into hearts that are still strangers to the God who made them. Those strangers who you come across on every, ordinary day while doing the ordinary things in life. It means being that listener, doing the dirty work, loving when it's no easy task and encouraging the weary heart.

Maybe this is something God's stirring in your own heart. Maybe Gods awakening a need for more-more of this given life that He's designed for each of us. Maybe you're hungering for more of this freedom that seems to be the gift we get right back when we loose ourselves in our own giving away.

So here's my invitation to you. Will you join me and be a part of a community of believers living with the vision God intended for them to have, and intentionally giving the life-transforming, unchanging love of Christ everyday?

If you're after this same way of doing life-the surrendered and given kind-let me know by signing up here:

Let's build a community-a community of surrendered givers and Christ reflectors.

This is why The Splendid Ordinary exists. This idea of bringing the splendor of Christ down to each of our ordinary lives. Because when we let the glory of God permeate every corner of our ordinary, well, we might just be changing the world.

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  1. I really appreciate this and can definitely relate as God has mentioned something similar these past few weeks. Thank you for this!