A Childlike Plea

I see it often-those questioning eyes looking up to me with expectation. The little child by my side looks up after making their request known, and then they wait.

You can see the waiting clear across their face. They don't even bother to try and hide it. There's expectation, and for one solid moment they're even quiet. They either wait in a silence or wait with a continual asking, because they wouldn't dream of missing the answer to their request.

I tend to think that we all could learn a good deal more if we stopped to observe the ways of these little ones. After all, doesn't it say in Matthew that "Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Perhaps we'd all do well to lean in closer and watch the ways of these little people in our lives.

If there's one thing children know how to do well, it's make their needs known. There's no fear in their asking, there's no holding back-afraid of a no. They lift their arms up when they want to be held. They beg and they plead when they think they're in need.

Perhaps you and I could learn from the pleading ways of a dependent, little child.

Our good and patient Father has opened up the door to our requests. He hears, He knows and His greatest joy is meeting our needs. But how often do we hold back in fear? How often do we ask and then give it all up, if in a day the needs not met?

Do you and I posses the same hope and longing for the answer as a little child waits to hear the response to their simple request? Or instead, do we find ourselves flinging up our requests hoping a few might be met.

Are we quick to try and meet our own needs? We might make or request known, but then hurry in to try and meet it ourself, just in case our God may have missed it.

When the hurrying and this trying on our own is our method, then we've become the ones who've really missed it.

He's looking for the honest request that's followed by stillness. Yes, be persistent, but wait for the provision of the One who holds all.

How often we miss it by hurrying on to try and make it happen our way. How little we know of our Father when we think we might do better.

Wait, friends. Wait for His way. Quiet your soul with the knowing that His doing is far better than your trying. And just as we know better what that begging little child needs, so He knows just exactly what will be the best answer for each of our own requests.

When we learn to listen, that's when we begin to learn the beauty of our gentle Father's heart.

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