When it seems like God just likes to wait

I start my prayer time each morning with a time of thanking God. The blessings He's given me are tremendous, but they can't even compare with the price He paid to buy me back as His own daughter.

One of the things that usually makes it on my list of thanks is the great patience that our God possesses.

I'm especially grateful for this one because I know good and well that without a great amount of patience, I would not have been rescued. Without a great amount of patience, I would not be grown stronger each day. 

I look back at the stories recorded in His Word and stand amazed at a patient and gentle Father.

What It Really Means To Stand For Life

I've been seeing it a lot lately-reading articles on it, listening to speeches on it and hearing talk of it. Everyone seems to be joining in the fight a little extra this week, the fight against the hideous crime of taking the innocent lives of children through abortion. 

I'm encouraged to see people raising up their voices to speak about it, because battles such as these are never won through silence and passivity.

Perhaps like me though, you wish there was a little more fight that you could give in this whole raging war to save these helpless little lives. Well, I'm wondering if maybe there is something more for us to do. I'm wondering if maybe we aren't a little too quick to overlook the opportunity that faces us every single day, to fight for the unborn.

It's Time to Lay Down Our Issac's

We've all got these longings stored up deep in our our hearts, and we're just not sure what to do with them.

Yeah, Abraham had some longings. He was longing and hungering for something for a good long time before God even came to acknowledged it.

It was this baby boy, this heir. He wanted a child. Now that's reasonable isn't it? "God, could you just give me one child? Would that be so bad?"

Hope Placed Where it's Meant to Be

Isn't it strange how we'd all be the first to admit that expectations are rarely met, and yet we struggle with frustration each time that they aren't?

It's as if our heads know the facts of it all, but our hearts just can't quite grab on to it. We want so desperately for all of those expectations to be met, and that longing keeps us from fully accepting the truth.

What if we could change it all? What if we could do away with all of the disappointment and letdown?

The Secret that Unlocks the Giving

How do you open your eyes to see the needs of others, in order to do this given way of living?

This is the question that weighed on my heart, as the concept of living given was being turned over in my mind for the hundredth time. 

When your eyes are looking for it, there's need just about everywhere. And yet, how often do our eyes really stay open throughout every moment of every long day? 

Here I was walking over a frozen solid ground, wondering to myself how you break through the same frozen wrapped around peoples hearts. After all, whats the purpose of all this giving if we're blind to where the needs really are?

A Childlike Plea

I see it often-those questioning eyes looking up to me with expectation. The little child by my side looks up after making their request known, and then they wait.

You can see the waiting clear across their face. They don't even bother to try and hide it. There's expectation, and for one solid moment they're even quiet. They either wait in a silence or wait with a continual asking, because they wouldn't dream of missing the answer to their request.

Accepting the Challenge

I've spent the last while asking Jesus for some wisdom and clarity on what I'm supposed to be focused on this next year.

For so many weeks I seemed to be hearing nothing but silence. I had to come to grips with the waiting and the enduring. He was slowly bringing fragments together, but it still wasn't quite there...

Well, a few days ago I was sitting there mindin' my own business and God saw fit to dump out nearly all of the clarity I'd been asking for in one great flood. And with it all, came one big reminder of the faithfulness of our God when we are willing to wait for His timing.