The Builder Behind it All

A new year is coming.

Perhaps you and I are of a different sort, but when I think of the start of a new year, well, these bubbly feelings of joy and excitement start to well up inside. I feel a thrill of something beautiful begin to burst out. I think of a fresh start and I think of all the unknowns-large or small-that will come to pass in this new, upcoming chapter in life. The unknowns that are always and forever 'knowns' to my Father.

There are going to be some hard times. There always are. Yet, in the grand scheme of things I know deep down, that those hard times are always turned into beauty-whether it be on this side of heaven or someday on the other side. He's working it all together, weaving it all into a grand story that displays the beauty of a good and faithful God.

This year, as I look ahead, I do so with a bit of a trembling.

Not because I'm fearful of what might be coming, but rather, a fear of what I am capable of wasting.

As my eyes are opened more and more to the grandness of our God's story and as my heart learns more of the beauty of His gospel-His covenant with His bride-I tremble to think that a breath of mine will be wasted. That a space of time that He's allowed me to exist could be empty-meaningless and purposeless.

Right now, I'm in the midst of writing things down. I write of the books I want to read the parts of the Bible I want to dive into and study. I write of the vision He's given me for different areas of life and the passions He's placed in my heart. I write it all out, cause otherwise it piles up inside and I begin to overflow with it all.

But as I write it out, I'm reminded over and over again of the surrender that's needed to make it all count. I'd rather have every plan of mine disintegrate into nothing, than spend my time on a thing that won't last.

This life? It's a brief space of time where we're given the place to share. Time to share of the glorious truth of a Savior who rescued us from the deep pit of destruction. Time to share with the world of His beauty and grace. Time to encourage a hurting heart, and time to love the one's He's placed around us.

I can write out every thought in my brain and chase hard after every dream in my heart, but if I've done all and forgotten the true purpose for living and breathing, what then have I accomplished?


Nothing but emptiness. Nothing that can be grasped. Nothing that holds any weight.

So do I stop writing out these thoughts in my mind? Do I give it all up?

No. Instead, I lay it all out in glad surrender, asking the One who sees it all to take the feeble hopes and dreams and turn them into something I'm not even capable of dreaming up. Something that will be a beautiful song, all throughout eternity.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." These words from Psalm 127 have gone through my mind a hundred times in the last few weeks. I've gone ahead and made it my verse for the upcoming year, since God's clearly seeing it as something I need.

Unless the Lord builds, it's all a waste.

Sure I can go ahead and try. I can try to make something to show for myself. Something the world might even applaud. But if He's not the builder behind it all, not one fragment of it will last.

I want something more-something I'm not capable of. I want something that's of Him, and has nothing to do with me-other than the fact that it all took place inside of a willing heart and open hands.

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